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Economic Geology
Geology, Mineralogy and fluid inclusion studies of the Abdossamadi barite deposit, northeast Marivand

Hossein Ali Tajeddin; S Hassankhanlou; Mohammad Mohajjel

Volume 28, Issue 109 , September 2018, , Pages 97-108


  Abdossamadi barite deposit is located 80 km northeast of the city of Marivan in the northwestern part of the Sanandaj–Sirjan metamorphic zone. The rocks in the deposit area predominantly consist of Cretaceous volcanosedimentary sequences of metamorphosed andesite, calcareous shale and limestone, ...  Read More

Geometric and kinematic analysis and of Derenjal Mountain’s faults, eastern block of Kalmard fault (Central Iran)

R. Samadi Moghadam; R. Nozaem; M. Dehbozorgi; M. Mohajjel

Volume 27, Issue 107 , June 2018, , Pages 75-86


  Derenjal Mountains with NE-SW trend, is located in Central Iran, in northwest of Tabas block and in eastern block of Kalmard fault. In this region, the Paleozoic formations (Cambrian to Devonian) have been exposed and surrounded by Neogene and Quaternary deposits. Volcanic rocks of Cambrian limited to ...  Read More

Thick-skinned dextral transpression in Takab complex, NW Iran

M Biralvand; M Mohajjel; M.R Ghassemi

Volume 26, Issue 102 , March 2017, , Pages 27-38


  In this study, brittle deformation in Takab complex is discussed. Deformation in the Takab area has been controlled by two sets of major faults. The first set is characterized by NNW-SSE trending steeply-dipping dextral strike-slip faults with reverse component. The second set includes WNW-ESE trending ...  Read More

Structure, Texture, Mineralogy and Genesis of Sulphide Ore Facies In Tappehsorkh Detrital-Carbonate-Hosted Zn-Pb-(Ag) Deposit, South of Esfahan

M Boveiri Konari; E Rastad; M Rastad; A Nakini; M Haghdoost

Volume 25, Issue 97 , December 2016, , Pages 221-236


  Tappehsorkh Zn-Pb-(Ag) deposit, hosted by Lower Cretaceous siltstone, tuff and dolomite, is located in the northern part of the Irankuh mountain range, south of Esfahan. Sulphides in this ore have a relatively simple mineralogy including sphalerite, galena, tetrahedrite, pyrite and to a lesser extent, ...  Read More

Deformation and folding of mylonitic fabrics in Nowqan ductile shear zone: SW Golpaygan (Sanandaj - Sirjan zone)

M Mohajjel; S Houshmand, Ma

Volume 25, Issue 100 , September 2016, , Pages 91-98


  A NW-SE trending ductile shear zone has been generated in the metamorphic rocks of the southwest Golpaygan. Different pellitic and psammitic schists, meta-carbonates and igneous rocks were strongly deformed in this ductile shear zone and produced mylonites and ultra-mylonites. Structural analysis indicates ...  Read More

Deformation Microstructures and Conditions in Muteh-Golpayegan Metamorphic Core Complexes

E Moosavi; M Mohajjel

Volume 24, Issue 96 , September 2015, , Pages 33-40


  Two main metamorphic events have occurred within Muteh- Golpayegan metamorphic core complexes (including eastern and western complexes) in the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone. Some grain-scale deformations were also happened in relation to these metamorphisms which have produced  various deformation microstructures. ...  Read More

Analysis of Exhumation History with Using Low Temperature Thermochronometers: Misho Mountains, NW Iran

M Behyari; M Mohajjel; M Rezaeian; M Moayyed

Volume 24, Issue 96 , September 2015, , Pages 65-72


  Misho Complex in NW Iran has a remarkable unique high topography surrounded by well known faults, where Precambrian basement rocks were uplifted and exposed. Structural data indicate that the exhumation of the Misho Complex was result of displacements along the North Misho, South Misho and Tasouj faults. ...  Read More

Relative Timing of Mylonitization Event in North Golpayegan Metamorphic Rocks

E Moosavi; M Mohajjel; N Rashidnejad-Omran

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 161-168


  Extensive mylonitic fabrics are observed in the north Golpayegan metamorphic rocks in the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone. Earlier researchers did not present any evidence for the relative timing of mylonitic fabrics development. In this paper, the relation between folding and metamorphism events and formation ...  Read More

Ichnofacies Analysis of Kermanshah Radiolarites for the Review of the Sedimentary Environment

A Abdi; M.H Mahmudy Gharaie; M Kariminia; A Karimi Bavandpur; M Mohajjel

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 209-116


  In Kermanshah Radiolarites, Jurassic to late Cretaceous in age, three sedimentary facies including tempestite, pelagic mudstone, and radiolarian wackestone-packstone were identified. Each of these sedimentary facies accompanies by ichnofacies, which reveal the depth and energy of the environment. In ...  Read More

Folding Style and its Role in Location of Ore in Anjireh-Vejin Mines, Tiran, West of Isfahan

A Nakini; M Mohajjel; A Yarmohammadi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 231-243


  Anjireh-Vejin Mines of Tiran are located 60 km west of Isfahan. Exposed rocks in these mines are Early Cretaceous (Early Baremian-Albian) in age. These rock units are exposed in NW-SE trending anticlines plunging shallowly to SE in three Vejin Paein, Vejin Bala and Anjireh-Chekab Mines. Folding in all ...  Read More

Structural Analysis of Remnants of Neotethyan Marginal Basin Along the North Tabriz Fault

F Mesbahi; M Mohajjel; M Moazzen; L Namaki

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 303-312


  In the east of Tabriz city, south of Eskandar village, Upper Cretaceous rock units are exposed. The structures in these rock units include meso-scale folds inclined towards NNE, and a thrust system which has transported Upper Cretaceous units in three thrust sheets towards NW. This thrust system has ...  Read More

Petrogenesis of Adakitic Intrusion Bodies of the Ophiolitic Belt, NE Sabzevar

M Nasrabady; F Rossetti; H Moin Vaziri; S.M.H R; M M

Volume 24, Issue 94 , March 2015, , Pages 183-196


  Some syntectonic tonalitic and trondhjemitic intrusion bodies have been injected into the Soltan Abad (NE Sabzevar) metamorphic complex. The geochemical investigations of these intrusion bodies demonstrated their very obvious adakitic characteristics (very high ratio of Sr/Y and very low contents of ...  Read More

Vein-type and Stratabound W (Cu-Au) Mineralization in Iran

S Ghaderi; E Rastad; N Rashidnejad-Omran; M Mohajjel

Volume 24, Issue 94 , March 2015, , Pages 305-314


  Tungsten (Cu-Au-Zn) deposits and occurrences in Iran can be divided into two separate categories based on their genesis, tectonic setting, mineral paragenesis and related processes inherent in their formation. The first category contains deposits, which are located in metamorphosed Late Triassic-Middle ...  Read More

Fe-Mn Mineralization in Dolomites Equivalent to Shotori Formation in NE of Dehbid, Southern Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone, Fars Province

M Kazemirad; E Rastad; M Mohajjel

Volume 24, Issue 94 , March 2015, , Pages 369-382


  The Goshti-Heneshk, Goli and Cheshmeh Esi iron-manganese deposits are located in the northeast of Dehdib (Safashahr), 175 km northeast of Shiraz. These deposits are situated in the Heneshk Shear Zone, which is a part of the ComplexDeformationSubzone of the Southern Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone. The oldest outcrops ...  Read More