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Evaluation of neotectonic activities in East-Yazd

M. Mirjalili; F. Ghaemi; B. Rahimi; M. Moshrefifar; M. Gholamzadeh

Volume 28, Issue 111 , May 2019, , Pages 257-270


  The study area is located in the east of Yazd and is part of Yazd block (western block of central Iran). There are two major fault systems, Anar and Kharanagh with lengths of 100 and 62 km and numerous minor faults represents an important tectonic phenomenon in the region. The aim of this study is to ...  Read More

Tectonic-sedimentary processes at the Eastern Alborz: Binaloud mountains

M Khademi; F Ghaemi; S.K Hosseini; F Ghaemi

Volume 25, Issue 99 , June 2016, , Pages 11-20


  In this paper, the feedback or interaction between tectonic and surface processes in the Binaloud Mountains and Neyshabour plain has been investigated. To achieve this, we have used topographic data, recorded earthquake data provided by the Geophysical Institute of Tehran University (Mashhad center) ...  Read More

Difference between GPS Velocity Vector and the Rate of Shortening toward East in the NE Iran, Binaloud Mountain

M Khademi; F Ghaemi; S.K Hosseini; F Ghaemi

Volume 24, Issue 94 , March 2015, , Pages 99-107


  The fractures are one of the structures, which can be used as a tool to unravel the tectonic processes in a region. The measurements of the fractures were conducted in the footwall and hanging wall of the North Neyshabour Thrust, which is one of the active faults of the region. We separated the fractures ...  Read More

Tectonic Activity Rate in Behabad Area According to Morphotectonic Indices, NE Yazd Province, Iran

M Sheban; F Ghaemy; A Abbasnejad; F Ghaemy

Volume 23, Issue 91 , June 2014, , Pages 141-152


  Neotectonics that is a major factor of landform development in tectonically active regions has significantly affected fluvial systems and mountain-front landscapes in the Behabad area of the Central Iran Zone. To assess tectonic activities in the area, we analyzed geomorphic indices including the mountain-front ...  Read More

Petrography and Geochemistry of Major Elements of Oligocene Terrigenous Deposits in Binalood Zone, North Neyshabour: Parent Rocks, Tectonic Setting and Paleoweathering Condition

D Dehnavi; S.R Moussavi-Harami; M.H Mahmudy Gharaie; F Ghaemi; F Ghaemi

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, , Pages 175-184


  For understanding parent rocks, tectonics setting, paleoweathering condition and classification of Binalood’s Oligocene deposits, the petrography analysis was done, on samples from Damanjan and Baghshan-Gach sections, north of Neyshabour. 14 sandstones and 6 shale samples from both sections were ...  Read More