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Facies analyses and sedimentary environments of Upper Cretaceous carbonate deposits in North Bandan (Daghal section)

SH Habibimood; M.N Gorgij; KH Khosrotehrani; A Saidi; S.A Aghanabati

Volume 25, Issue 99 , June 2016, , Pages 39-46


  The studied section is located in the vicinity of the village Daghal on the Zabol – Nehbandan road, 100 kilometersfrom Zabol. The strata under study are 55.57 meters thick here and lie nonconformably on the igneous rocks while the upper contact is now known. In this study the mentioned strata are ...  Read More

Biozonation of the Gurpi Formatin in Banroushan Section (SW Ilam) based on Planktonic Foraminifera

L Bakhshandeh1; KH Khosro Tehrani; T Mohtat; S.H Vaziri; F Keshani

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 85-96


  The Gurpi Formation is located in the Zagros basin, SW Iran . This Formation in the Banroushan section, SW Ilam,consists of 225 m shale with interbeds of marl that has two formal Members including Seymareh (Lopha) and Emam Hassan . These Members are made up of limestone. The lower and upper boundaries ...  Read More

Early Carboniferous Brachiopod Assemblages from the Mobarak Formation in Labrud Section, Northern Damghan

B Aghababalou; Kh Khosrotehrani; S.M Hoseininezhad

Volume 24, Issue 94 , March 2015, , Pages 11-18


  The early Carboniferous Mobarak Formation is well exposed in the north of Damghan. It consists of fossiliferous limestone, marly limestone and grey shales. 31 species from 23 genera including: Rossirhynchus adamantinus (Gaetani, 1964), Tomiproductus elegantulus (Tolmmachev, 1924), Pustula cf. altaica ...  Read More

New Founds in Biostratigraphy of Ilam Formation at Kuhe Assaluyeh. (Zagros Province)

Kh. Khosrotehrani; D. Baghbani; F. Keshani; M. Omrani

Volume 20, Issue 78 , December 2011, , Pages 53-60


  In order to study Biostratigraphy of Cenomanian – Late Campanian deposits (upper part of Sarvak Fm.,Ilam Fm. and lower part of Gurpi Fm.), kuhe Assaluyeh stratigraphic section selected. Sediments of this interval consist of limestone, argillaceous limestone and marl with thickness of 162 m. In ...  Read More

Influence of Structures on the Ghezel Ozan River

V. Hosseini toudeshki; M. Pourkermani; M. Arian; Kh. Khosrotehrani

Volume 21, Issue 81 , December 2011, , Pages 55-60


  Rivers are the most important landforms on the ground whose analysis is known as a useful tool in tectonic surveys in several thousands to two million years ago. The Ghezel Ozan River, the longest river system in the country, has responded to tectonic deformation thoroughly. Detection and characterization ...  Read More

Geomorphic Signatures of Active Tectonics in the Talaghan Rud, Shah Rud and SefidRud Drainage Basins in Central Alborz, N Iran

Z. Mardani; M. Ghorashi; M. Arian; Kh. Khosrotehrani

Volume 20, Issue 78 , December 2011, , Pages 159-166


  Geomorphic indices of active tectonics are useful tools to analyze the influence of active tectonics.These indices have the advantage of being calculate from ArcGIS and remote sensing packages over large area as a reconnaissance tool to identify geomorphic anomalies possibly related to active tectonics.This ...  Read More

Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Gurpi and Ilam Formations in East of Kangan Port and Ivan well in Persian Gulf

J. Daneshian; D. Baghbani; Kh. Khosrow- Tehrani; L. Fazli

Volume 19, Issue 74 , February 2010, , Pages 157-162


  In this study, foraminifera of the Ilam and Gurpi Formations, from Kuh-e- Assaluyeh section in east Kangan port in Boushehr province and Ivan well in Persian Gulf are investigated. Ilam Formation in Kuh-e-Assaluyeh section with 30 meter thickness and Ivan well with 68 meter thickness composed of limestone ...  Read More

Geomorphic Signatures of Active Tectonics in the Karaj Drainage Basin in South Central Alborz, N Iran

R. Khavari; M. Ghorashi; M. Arian; Kh. Khosrotehrani

Volume 19, Issue 75 , January 2010, , Pages 67-74


  The paper presents a method for evaluating relative active tectonics based on geomorphic indices useful in evaluating morphology and topography. Indices used include: stream length-gradient index (SL), drainage basin asymmetry (Af), hypsometric integral (Hi), ratio of valley-floor width to valley height ...  Read More

The Study and Survey of Cranium and Maxillary of Hipparion primigenium

A.H. Kokabi Nezhad; Z. Purabrishami; Kh. Tehrani

Volume 18, Issue 72 , January 2009, , Pages 135-138


  One of Hipparion species which has complete characters of cranium and maxillary with teeth found during excavation is H.primignium. Since this sample is the only complete one in the world, (of course without mandible) with special species characters we can call it Homeotype. Because of finding this species, ...  Read More

Biostratigraphy of Calcareous Nannofossils of Gurpi Formation in North Gachsaran

F. Hadavi; K. Khosrow Tehrani; S. Senemari

Volume 16, Issue 64 , March 2007, , Pages 14-23


  Nannofossils are good for biostratigraphy, since they are abundant, planktonic, rapidly evolving and largely cosmopolitan especially in the Late Cretaceous. With respect to this reality and due to the lack of any precise paleontological study, the nannofossils of Gourpi Formation were investigated in ...  Read More