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Economic Geology
Ore facies, geochemistry and genesis of Kuhe Rig Fe-Sr-(Mn) deposit, South of Shahroud

Mona Mahdevari; Fardin mousivand; Mahmoud Sadeghian; Mehdi Movahednia

Volume 31, Issue 2 , September 2021, , Pages 79-90


  Kuhe Rig iron- strontium-(manganese) deposit is located in south of Shahrood, in the northern part of the central Iran zone. Mineralization occurred in the Eocene volcano-sedimentary sequence dominated by andesite basalt, basalt and crystal lithic tuffs. Geometry of main ore body is lense-shaped which ...  Read More

Basic magmatism in the extentional back-arc basin of the Lower-Middle Jurassic on the Northern edge of Central Iran-South of Eastern Alborz zones, Shahrood-Damghan

H. Ghasemi; M. Rostami Hossuri; M. Sadeghian

Volume 27, Issue 107 , June 2018, , Pages 123-136


  The Lower Jurassic basin of northern margin of central Iran structural zone and south of eastern Alborz in Semnan province, contains igneous rocks with basic composition, belonging to early stages of occurrence and development of an immature extensional back arc basin at this time. These basic igneous ...  Read More

Mineral chemistry and petrogenesis of metabasites of metamorphic - igneous Shotor-Kuh complex (SE Shahrood) an indicator for evolution of intracontinental extensional basins of late Neoproterozoic

S. Shekari; M. Sadeghian; M. Zhai; H. Ghasemi; Y. Zou

Volume 27, Issue 105 , December 2017, , Pages 167-182


  Metamorphic - igneous Shotor-Kuh complex is located in the 80 km of SE Shahrood and in the northern edge of the central Iran structural zone. This complex includes a wide lithological composition range such as metapelite (micaschists and gneisses), metapsammites, metabasites (amphibolite and garnet amphibolite), ...  Read More

Geochemistry and Tectonic setting of high silica adakitic domes Of Ahmad Abad Khartouran (South East of Shahrood)

F Yousefi; M Sadeghian; S Samyari; H Ghasemi

Volume 25, Issue 100 , September 2016, , Pages 291-298


  In Ahmadabad Khartouran region located in 175 Km southeast of Shahrood, A significant number of adakitic domes crop out, which intruded into the Paleocene- Eocene volcanosedimentary rocks. Lithological compositions of these domes include andesite, trachyandesite, trachyandesite and dacite. Pyroxene (augite), ...  Read More

Petrogenesis of Chah Salar Granitoidic Pluton (SW of Neishabour)

M. Sadeghian; H. Ghasemi; Z. Farsi

Volume 19, Issue 75 , January 2010, , Pages 133-150


  Chah Salar granitoidic pluton is located in the N of Chah-Salar village, SW of Neishabour, in the northern margin of structural Central Iran zone. This pluton intruded in Sabzevar ophiolitic Zone and based on the field observations, petrographical and geochemical classification diagrams, its lithological ...  Read More

Emplacement Mechanism of Zahedan Granitoidic Plutonwith the Aid of AMS Method

M. Sadeghian; M. V. Valizadeh

Volume 17, Issue 66 , February 2008, , Pages 134-159


       Zahedan granitoidic pluton  with general NW-SE elongation is located in the middle part of  the Zahedan-Saravan granitoidic belt. It includes granites, granodiorites and diorites and it is also cut by numerous of andesitic to dacitic dikes. The regional metamorphic ...  Read More

Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Kuh-Shah Granitoidic Pluton(NE Baft)

Z. Sadeghi; H. Mehdizadeh; M. Sadeghian

Volume 17, Issue 66 , February 2008, , Pages 183-193


        Kuh- Shah granitoidic pluton is located in the NE part of 1:100000 geological map of Baft. Lithological composition of this pluton includes Alkali- feldspar granite, granite, granodiorite, quartzdiorite, diorite and gabbro. This pluton has been intruded in volcaniclastics  ...  Read More

Geological Investigations of Main Intrusions of the Central Alborz

M. V. Valizadeh; H. R. Abdollahi; M. Sadeghian

Volume 17, Issue 67 , February 2008, , Pages 182-197


       The intrusive bodies of Central Alborz constiute speciale distribution. And they are located near major faults, and also they are accompnied by pyroclastic rocks of the Karaj Formation.Moreover they  display lithological diversity and they occur as sill, lopolith, stock ...  Read More