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Application of plagioclase mineral textures in lava, ash fall and surge deposits to examine young Damavand magmatic processes

Mohsen Zadsaleh; Fariborz Masoudi; Hamed Pourkhorsandi; Karen Fontijn

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, , Pages 13-30


  Damavand is a young volcanic edifice with an elevation of 5610 meters formed in the middle of the central Alborz Mountain range (N Iran) during the Quaternary. Its edifice is composed of trachyte and trachyandesite rocks, pyroclastic fall and flow deposits and lahars, formed during several eruptions ...  Read More

Remote Sensing
Monitoring thermal changes of Damavand Volcano using Landsat images

A. Eskandari; S. Amini; F. Masoudi

Volume 28, Issue 109 , September 2018, , Pages 43-54


  Monitoring quiescent volcano such as Damavan is vital. In this research, we investigate the changes of land surface temperature (LST) around the Damavand volcano during 23 years period. The evaluations were done on the thermal anomaly areas related to geothermal activity and results compared with non-anomalously ...  Read More

Geology, Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of BazmanVolcano, SE of Iran

K Shiaian; J Ghalamghash; M Vosoughi Abediny; F Masoudi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 99-110


  The Bazman volcano is located in the Makran Magmatic Arc. The pyroclastic rocks and lava with rhyodacitic to basaltic composition and calc-alkaline affinities erupted from the central and lateral craters of this volcano during the Quaternary period. The primitive mantle normalized Multi-elements diagrams ...  Read More

The Role of Heavy Water Based Mud Additives in Increasing Metals Concentration of Gachsaran Formation Wastes

M Farhadian Babadi; F Masoudi; A.R Zarasvandi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 175-184


  Considerable quantities of wastes are generated in drilling operation contain various components such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons. These wastes are discharged in pits or the sea, which their geochemical composition should be investigated for waste management. In this study, sampling of heavy water ...  Read More

Characterization of Bubbles and Their Formation during the Eruption of Damavand Volcano Scoria

B Rahimzadeh; F Masoudi; Sh Ranjbar

Volume 23, Issue 92 , September 2014, , Pages 11-22


  Scoria is one of the main pyroclastic units in Damavand volcano, which its main crystals are plagioclase, olivine and pyroxene. In this study, characterization of bubbles and their formation during the eruption considered using Bubble Size Distribution (BSD) method including study of volume, 3D modeling, ...  Read More

Petrographic Features and Geochemical Studies of East Qazvin Volcanic Rocks in Order to Determine Natural Pozzolan Capable Units

Rahimzadeh Bahman; F. Masoudi; S. M. Fatemi Aghda; T. Parhizkar; A. Pour Khorshidi

Volume 22, Issue 85 , December 2013, , Pages 167-172


  In the north of Abyek - Qazvinmain road, various volcanic units contain olivine basalt, basalt, andesitic basalt, dacite, andesite and their associated tuffs with Eocene to Quaternary age are exposed. In order to examine geochemical and petrographic features effect on pozzolan activity, five samples ...  Read More

Petrography, Geochemistry, Origin and Tectonic Setting of Khoshoumi – DarAnjir Intrusive Complex, SW Saghand (Central Iran)

N. A. Rashidnejad Omran; A. A. Fattahi; F. Masoudi

Volume 22, Issue 86 , December 2012, , Pages 245-260


  The late Eocene post-collisional Khoshoumi- Dar-Anjir intrusive complex consist of two adjacent Khoshoumi granite and Dar Anjir diorite plutons  in Saghand area, located in 120 km northeast of Yazd in Central Iran structural zone. This complex intruded within high-grade metamorphic rocks of Chapedony ...  Read More

Study of Chemical and Structural Changes and Determination of Temperature in a Progressive Deformation: Evidences from Zarrin Shear Zone, Ardekan

F. Masoudi; M. Mohajjel; F. Shaker Ardekani

Volume 19, Issue 73 , January 2009, , Pages 11-16


  The Zarrin area in the north of Ardekan is the part of Central Iran Zone. Some homogenous parts of Zarrin granite located in the shear zone changed to mylonites and ultramylonites. Microstructural evidence and deformation investigation show that chemical and structural changes occurred during the progressive ...  Read More