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Application of geochemistry in determining the parent rock of terrigenous sediments: a case study from sediments of south and west of Urmia Lake

Mahmoud Sharafi; Mahdi Jafarzadeh; Aram Bayet-Goll; Razieh Lak

Volume 33, Issue 2 , June 2023, , Pages 223-238


  The Urmia Lake, which is a tectonic depression in the northwest of Iran, has received a lot of eroded sediments of the geological records of the lake watershed. Because of the constant drought in the recent years, sediments have been subjected to the wind erosion and thus are an important source for ...  Read More

Provenance of the siliciclastic deposits of Ilanqareh Formation in the Pireshagh section, south of Jolfa, based on the petrography, geochemistry and heavy mineral assemblage

Javad Anjerdi; Mahdi Jafarzadeh; Adel Najafzadeh; Rahim Mahari

Volume 30, Issue 117 , December 2020, , Pages 205-216


  In this research, a combination of petrography, geochemistry and heavy minerals analysis methods are implemented for investigating the provenance of quartzarenitic and subarkosic sandstones of Ilanqareh Formation with Late Devonian age in Azerbaijan, south of Jolfa. Investigation of the quartz types ...  Read More

Lithofacies, sedimentary environment and provenance of mixed siliciclastic- carbonate- evaporate depositions of Asmari Formation in Ahwaz oil field with reference to mixing mechanisms

M. Husseini Barzi; M. Jafarzadeh

Volume 16, Issue 63 , March 2007, , Pages 164-182


  Petrofacies analyses of Asmari Formation carried out on thin sections, obtained from oil wells of number 11, 85 and 89 in Ahvaz oil field, show 5 carbonate-evaporate microfacies associations (related to a carbonate ramp) and 2 siliciclastic petrofacies. Point counting data plotted on Qt93.34F4.10Lt2.59 ...  Read More