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Geochemistry and petrology of Upper Triassic basic volcanic rocks in the Central Alborz region, south of Pole Sefid

Saeid Samarbakhsh; Mohammad Hashem Emami; Seyed Mojtaba Mortazavi; Mansour Vosoughi-Abedini

Volume 33, Issue 1 , February 2023, , Pages 161-178


  The study area, situated 50 km north of Ghaemshahr, structurally belongs to the Central Alborz tectonic zone. The volcanic rocks of the area, including basalt, andesite, trachyandesite, and dolerite are the products of fractional crystallization and some contamination processes. Clinopyroxene, olivine, ...  Read More

Geochemistry and Petrogensis of Mafic Dykes of Zarrin District, NE Ardekan, Central Iran

Nasim Askari; reza Zarei Sahamieh; Jafar Omrani; Mohamad Heshem Emami; C., Vaccaro; J. F. Santos

Volume 31, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 17-28


  Zarrin Mafic dikes, which outcrop in the Western Yazd block, Central Iran, trending NW–SE, emplaced into the Zarrin granitoid. They are sub-alkaline gabbro; characterized by intergranular and mylonitic foliated texture. Geochemical data reveal the Zarrin mafic dikes are from the partial melting ...  Read More

Economic Geology
The Study of Diagenetic and Hydrothermal Alteration in the Volcanic Sequence of Momen-abad (North- East of Sarbisheh, Birjand) and Their Roles in Non-metallic Mineralization

Sahar Tarabi; Mohamad Hashem Emami; Sourosh Modaberi; Seyed Jamal Shaykh Zakariaee

Volume 29, Issue 115 , June 2020, , Pages 163-174


  Momen-abad area, in the southeast of Birjand and the northeast of Sarbisheh, is located in the Sistan-Zemestan zone. Based on the field studies, petrography, geochemical (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) in two volcanic sequences, the alteration conditions in the area have been investigated. According ...  Read More

Mineral chemistry, thermobarometry KoheSiah volcanic complex,using the mineral chemistry of amphibole-biotite (North East Qorveh, Kurdistan )

somaye kazemi koohbanani; seyed jamal sheikh zakariai; mohammad hashem emami; Rahim Dabiri

Volume 28, Issue 112 , August 2019, , Pages 23-32


  KoheSiah volcanic complex is in north east of Qorveh in the Kurdistan province and in Sanandaj-Sirjan zone.The age of the studied region rocks are related to the quaternary time. Set volcanic cone with a crater that has been identified as unspecified and are an average height of 2157 meters above sea ...  Read More

Petrology and geochemistry of plutonic rocks in west and south west of Salafchegan.

mozhgan Taheri; afshin ashjaardalan; Mohammad hashem Emami; Seyed Jamal Shaikh Zakariay

Volume 28, Issue 111 , May 2019, , Pages 185-194


  Abstract In the west and south-west part of Salafchegan near Zavarian village in Iran (In central Iranian volcano plotonic belt) there are some Plutonic rocks. Based on petrography and geochemistry findings these Plutonic rocks are Diorite, Monzonite and less Quartz monzonite. The main texture in Dioritic ...  Read More

Investigation on the genesis of the iron oxide- apatite ± REE deposits of the Bafgh-Saghand district (Central Iran), based on oxygen isotope studies

S. A. Majidi; M. Lotfi; M. H. Emami; N. Nezafati

Volume 28, Issue 109 , September 2018, , Pages 237-244


  The metallogenic zone of Bafgh-Saghand in central Iran hosts huge low-titanium iron oxide-apatite (IOA) deposits (also called Kiruna type iron deposits) with more than 1500 Million tons grading 55% iron. The genesis of these deposits including Chadormalu, Choghart, She-Chahun, and Esfordi has long been ...  Read More

The genesis of iron oxide-apatite (IOA) deposits: evidence from the geochemistry of apatite in Bafq-Saghand district, Central Iran

S. A. Majidi; M. Lotfi; M. H. Emami; N. Nezafati

Volume 27, Issue 105 , December 2017, , Pages 233-244


  The Origin of Iron Oxide-Apatite deposits (IOA) with low Ti or Kiruna type deposits has long been a matter of debate. In this case, several provenances have been proposed for these deposits which include: magmatic, magmatic-hydrothermal, hydrothermal, banded iron formations, and sedimentary-exhalative. ...  Read More

Investigation of Magmatic Processes in the Quaternary Volcanism in NW of Ahar: a Geochemical and Isotopic Study

R Dabiri; M.H Emami; H Mollaei; M Ghaffari; M Vosougi Abedini; N Rashidnejad Omran

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, , Pages 55-62


  Quaternary volcanic rocks are widely developed in NW of Ahar, NW Iran. Based on geochemical data, these rocks mainly consist of alkali basalts, trachybasalts, basaltic trachyandesites and trachyandesites. The major- and trace-element chemistry indicates that the lavas are dominantly alkaline in character. ...  Read More

Tectonic Setting of Strongly Peraluminous S-type Granites in Nowghan Shear Zone (Southwest Golpayegan)

M.H Emami; S Houshmand

Volume 23, Issue 89 , December 2013, , Pages 59-66


  Mylonitic granite-granodiorites of Nowghan shear zone extend in NW-SE trend in the metamorphic rocks of the southwest Golpayegan. Different outcrops of mylonitic bodies have been studied in order to investigate the origin of granitoid rocks in Nowghan shear zone and determined their tectonic setting ...  Read More

Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Raveh Neogene Volcanic andSub-Volcanic Rocks in the Urumieh – Dokhtar Magmatic Belt (Central Iran)

M. H. Emami; R. Monsef; N. Rashid Nejad Omran

Volume 22, Issue 85 , December 2013, , Pages 91-104


  Miocene to Pliocene volcanic rocks in the Raveh region have exposed northern part of the Urumieh - Dokhtar Magmatic Belt. Neogene volcanic rocks are situated on Upper Red Formation. Magmatic activity separated in two phase. The first phase is composed of basic to intermediate volcanic rocks such as basaltic-andesite ...  Read More

Petrology, Geochemistry and Tectonomagmatic Settinng of Kaleybar Intrusion (Eastern Azarbaijan)

Gh. Tajbakhsh; M. H. Emami; H. Moine Vaziri; N. Rashidnejad Omran

Volume 22, Issue 85 , December 2013, , Pages 205-224


  Nepheline syenite intrusive of Kaleybar is located in South and West of the Kaleybar city in eastern Azarbayjan province. This zoned intrusive complex is formed by penetration of two separated silica undersaturated and saturatated magmatic phases with Oligocene-Miocene ages. Undersaturated rocks are ...  Read More

Petrological, Geochemical and Tectonomagmatic Setting of Bouin- Miandasht Intrusion in Sanandaj- Sirjan Zone(SSZ) (West of Iran)

M. Sabeti; M. H. Emami; A. Saeedi; K. Ajdary; A. Minaee; A. R. Nadimi

Volume 21, Issue 84 , December 2012, , Pages 43-56


  Bouin– Miandasht Intrusive body is located in South- West of Golpayegan quadrangle and Sanandaj- Sirjan Zone. This Intrusion is composed of a compositional range including: porphyroid granite (monzogranite- syenogranite), granodiorite and gabbro – diorite. Variation diagrams of major and ...  Read More

Results of the Remote Sensing Studies and Reasons of Composite Halos in Exploration Kahang Area

A. Khakzad; A. Khakzad; H. Asadi; M. H. Emami

Volume 21, Issue 84 , December 2012, , Pages 161-168


  Kahang exploration area located in Esfahan state and 10 Km of the east of Zefreh town that is located on Uromieh-Dokhtar volcanoplotonic belt. Primary results showed that it has good potential for resources of Copper (Cu) and Molybdenum (Mo). Kahang region is an alteration and breccia zone. Generally, ...  Read More

Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Orzuieh Volcanic Sequence (South of Iran)

I. Monsef; M. Rahgoshay; M. H. Emami

Volume 21, Issue 82 , December 2011, , Pages 65-76


  The Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Orzuieh volcanic sequence is exposed in the southern part of the Sanandaj – Sirjan Zone. Major and trace element geochemistry shows magma evolution from the transitional to the calc-alkaline series. Clinopyroxene compositions are similar to their composition ...  Read More

Post-Collisional Shoshonitic, C-type Adakitic and Lamprophyric Plutonism in the Khankandi Pluton, Arasbaran (NW Iran)

M. Aghazadeh; M. H. Emami; H. Moin Vaziri; N. Rashidnezhad Omran; A. Castro

Volume 20, Issue 78 , December 2011, , Pages 173-188


  Khankandi pluton is located in northwestren part of Iran, within Garadagh (Arasbaran) - south Armenia block. Main units of the pluton are monzonite and granodiorite associated with minor gabbro and lamprophyric and dacitic dykes. Granodioritic plutonism is followed by gabbro and monzonite. Lamprophyric ...  Read More

Magmatic Origin and Tectonic Setting of the Eocene - Oligocene Volcanic and Plutonic Rocks from the Zand-Abad Area, NW Ahar (Tarom-Qaredagh Zone)

Z. Azimzadeh; M. H. Emami; R. Hajialioghli

Volume 20, Issue 79 , January 2011, , Pages 113-120


  The Zand-Abad area is located in NW Ahar of north Azerbaijan. Magmatic rocks in this area consists of granitoids including monzogranite, granodiorite, monzonite and syenogranite as well as mafic rocks mainly diorite and associated extrusive rocks as andesite, trachyandesite, dacite, trachydacite, rhyolite. ...  Read More

Various stages of Sulfide Mineralization in Sargaz Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit, Northwest Jiroft, Southern Sanandaj-Sirjan

zahra badrzadeh; M. Sabzehei; E. Rastad; M. H. Emami; D. Gimeno

Volume 19, Issue 76 , January 2010, , Pages 85-94


  The Sargaz massive sulfide deposit is situated near Jiroft (south-east Kerman), in the southern Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone. The host rocks are Upper Triassic to lower Jurassic(?) pillow basalt. The occurrence of mineralization in basaltic to basaltic andesite, the existence of Jaspilite and Fe-Mn horizons ...  Read More

Petrology and Sedimentary Environment of the Kahar Formation in Firouzabad and Shahindezh Areas (west and central Alborz)

F. Gharib; Y. Lasemi; M. H. Emami

Volume 20, Issue 77 , January 2010, , Pages 109-114


  The clastic facies of Kahar Formation were identified in the studied sections of coastal, deltaic and fluvial and also carbonate facies in shallow marine environments. The vertical displacements of Kahar Formation in these study sections show an overall major transgressive upward cycle. The petrography ...  Read More

The Plio-Quaternary Calc-Alkaline Magmatism in Azerbaijan (NW Iran) and Comparison with Similar Magmatism in Eastern Turkey

N. Amel; M. Moayyed; A. Ameri; M. Vosoghi Abedini; M.H. Emami; M. Moazzen

Volume 18, Issue 70 , February 2009, , Pages 52-67


         The Plio-Quaternary calc-alkaline magmatism in Azerbaijan, northwest Iran, occurs as stratovolcanoes, lava flows and domes consisting of andesitic basalts, andesites, dacites, rhyodacites, and pyroclastic materials. The volcanic rocks unconformably cover the Miocene sedimentary ...  Read More

Petrogenetic Investigation of Ultramafic – Mafic Rocks At The East Of Fariman, NE Iran

Gh. A. Moafpourian; M. Pourmoafi; M. Vosoughi Abedini; M. H. Emami; M. R. Jannessari; S.w. Parman

Volume 18, Issue 72 , January 2009, , Pages 9-24


  Scattered outcrops of ultramafic – mafic rocks and interbeded sedimentary layers in the North of Fariman – Torbat-e- Jam lineament are exposed mainly at the west of Mashhad, east of Fariman and north of Torbat-e- Jam in Agh- Darband area. Our studies on ultramafic – mafic rocks have ...  Read More

Geochemical Investigation in Exploration Kahang Area

A. Khakzad; A. Khakzad; H. Asadi; M.H. Emami; I. Rasa

Volume 19, Issue 73 , January 2009, , Pages 51-56


  Regional exploration of Kahang is located at 73 km of north east of Esfahan city and 10 km of east of Zefreh town. This deposit is located in Uromieh-Dokhtar volcanoplotonic belt. For the first time this deposit was investigated with using the satellite images processing (TM). Base on the primary study, ...  Read More

Petrography, Tectonic Setting and Genesis of Oligocene – Miocene Igneous Rocks in Northern Part of Razan Area

R. Mohamadi; M.H., Emami; M. Vosoghiabedi

Volume 19, Issue 73 , January 2009, , Pages 79-88


  The area is located about 230 km of southwest of Tehran. Based of geological observations, the plutonic rocks in the area consist of Neogene (Miocene) alkaline gabbro , gabbrodiorite, locogabbro and diabase . The Oligo -  Miocene calc-alkaline extrusive rocks are dacite - ryodacite , andesite trachyandesite ...  Read More

Magmatic Evolution in Quaternary Basaltic Rocks in Ghorveh – Takab Axis

S. Malecootyan; Sh. Hagh-Nazar; M. Ghorbani; M. H Emami

Volume 16, Issue 64 , March 2007, , Pages 166-178


       Petrological,geochemical and isotropic evidence of crustal contamination of the Quaternary basic rocks of Ghorveh-Takab axis is presented in this paper. These rocks are olivine basalt and basalt and they are plotted in the field of alkaline suites in geochemical diagrams. Some ...  Read More

Mineralogical-Geochemical characteristics of Potassic Granitoid in regard with other Granitoid in Kal-e Kafi complex (NE. Anarak )

J. Ahmadian; M . H. Emami; M. R . Ghorbani; M . Murata

Volume 16, Issue 63 , March 2007, , Pages 154-163


       Kal-e Kafi granitoid complex is a part of Central Iranian structural zone called Yazd block. This complex is composed of a wide spectrum of plutonic rocks ranging from gabbro to alkalike granite with age range of Upper Eocene-Lower Oligocene. Potassic granitoid shows geochemical ...  Read More