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Provenance of Dorud Formation Sandstones Based on Petrography and Geochemical Data, Khur Section, Central Alborz

Leili Bastami; Reza Moussavi; Mahboobeh Hosseini-Barzi; Bahaedin Hamdi Hamdi

Volume 28, Issue 111 , May 2019, , Pages 105-120


  The sandstones of the Dorud Formation (Early Permian) have been subjected to petrographic and geochemical studies in order to investigate provenance, tectonic setting, source rock and paleoclimate conditions in Khur section, Central Alborz. The Dorud Formation with a thickness of 360 m is mainly composed ...  Read More

Devonian fish remains from Illangareh and peyr-es-hag sections, North West Iran

S Abbasi; B Hamdi; M.R Majidifard

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, , Pages 277-286


  Sampling and study of Devonian deposits in North West Iran has done in two separate sections. 1) Illangareh section, 20 km far from NE the Maku city 2) peyr-es-hag composite section, situated South Jufa (W of Peyr-es-hag and Chay kasan villages). Because less work has been undertaken in the cited sections, ...  Read More

The study of Permian system in Baghvang section S. Shirgesht area (Central Iran)

M.R Partoazar; B Hamdi; S.A Aghanabati

Volume 26, Issue 102 , March 2017, , Pages 53-62


  Foraminiferal contents of the Permian strata of the Kuh-e Baghvang in central Iran has been investigated. The section is located some 45Km Northwest of Tabas and south of Shirgeshtvillage. The Permian deposits of the Jamal Fm. with a thickness of 270 meters are underlain by the Sardar Fm. disconformably ...  Read More

Biostratigraphy of Devonian successions in Illanghareh, Illanlu and Pir-Eshag sections, North West Iran, based on Conodonts

S Abbasi; B Hamdi; M.R Majidifard

Volume 25, Issue 99 , June 2016, , Pages 209-226


  Study of conodont fauna from the Illanghareh Formation in Illanghareh, Illanlu and Pir-Eshag sections provide new data on the stratigraphy of this formation in the North West Iran. Illanghareh section is a terrigenous-carbonate rock sequence, consists mainly of quartzarenite sandstone, shale, and carbonate ...  Read More

Conodonts Biostratigraphy of Mila Formation, Shahmirzad Section, Central Alborz, Iran

S Soleymani; B Hamdi; A.R Karimi Bavandpur

Volume 25, Issue 98 , March 2016, , Pages 137-146


  The studied section is located in the southern flank of the Central Alborz, 5 kilometers north of Shahmirzad City in the Semnan province. This section is situated at 35° 48′ 40″ N latitude and 53° 16′ 59″ E longitude. The Mila Formation has 5 measurable members in Type ...  Read More

The Biostratigraphy of Lower Triassic Strata in Ruteh Section(Central Alborz) at North of Tehran

H. Pashaei; B. Hamdi; S. A. Aghanabati

Volume 22, Issue 86 , December 2012, , Pages 11-18


  The studied section (Ruteh) is situated in central alborz, 31km north of Tehran.The thikness of measured section is 312m. The Elika Fm in Ruteh section is located 1 km far from the north of  Ruteh village  and 3 km far from the north of Fasham city. Lowermost strata seems to be parallel to ...  Read More

Paleontological Modification of Carboniferous Deposits at Simeh-Kuh Section - Northern Damghan, by Four Conodont Biozones

H. Mosaddegh; A. Barari; H. Hamdi2

Volume 21, Issue 84 , December 2012, , Pages 37-42


  During the Carboniferous time, Iran was a part of the northern margin of Gondwana. Carboniferous deposits of Iran are characterized by continental to shallow marine deposits. The studied section (Simeh- Kooh) is located in 5 Km Northwest of Damghan city in the east Alborz region. The lower Carboniferous ...  Read More

Biostratigraphy of Mobarak Formation at Valyabad Section , Chalous Road

N. Ranjkesh; Bahaedin Hamdi Hamdi

Volume 21, Issue 83 , December 2012, , Pages 111-122


  The Mobarak Formation with 347.5 m, thickness is well exposed  in Valyabad section , at the Karaj - Chalus road . The lower contact with underlying  Laloon Formation is disconformable ,whereas stratigraphic relation to the overlying Dozdeband formation is transitional. According to the lithological  ...  Read More

Carboniferous Conodonts Biostratigraghy in Kiyasar Region and Introduction 7 Biozones Comparable to World Standard Conodont Zonation

A. Fallah; B. Hamdi; H. Mosaddegh

Volume 20, Issue 78 , December 2011, , Pages 117-122


  The studied section (Kiyasar)is situated in Central Alborz,75 Km. southeast of Sari. The thickness of Carboniferous sequences (Mobarak Formation) is 385 meter and consists of thin-bedded limestone at the base and various thickness of limestone (mostly with medium thickness) with intercalations of shales ...  Read More

Biostratigraphy of the Shirgesht Formation in Kalmard Mountains in Southwest of Tabas with special Emphasis on Conodonts

A. Ghaderi; A. Aghanabati; B. Hamdi; A. Saeedi

Volume 18, Issue 70 , February 2009, , Pages 28-37


  To study the Shirgesht Formation biostratigraphy in Kalmard Horst in relation to its conodont content, the Miyugodar (Miangodar) stratigraphic section was selected which is located in southwest of Tabas city. The Shirgesht Formation in the mentioned section is mainly composed of siliciclastic rock units ...  Read More

Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Deposits in Haftad Gholleh(East of Arak)

P. Rezaei rouzbahani; B. Hamdi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, , Pages 94-107


        Cretaceous deposits are outcropped in Haftad Gholleh area, 25 km in the east of Arak city. In this study three stratigraphic sections were measured in the northeast, southeast and center of the area. Based on detailed study of stratigraphy and paleontology, in contrast ...  Read More

Biostratigraphy of the First and Second Members of Type Section of the Shirgesht Formation in North of Tabas with Special Emphasis on Conodonts

A. Ghaderi; A. Aghanabati; B. Hamdi; J. F. Miller

Volume 17, Issue 67 , February 2008, , Pages 150-163


  The Shirgesht Formation is one of the fossiliferous units of Central Iran which in the type section is defined (informally) in the terms of 3 members. This formation is mainly composed of limestone, marl, siltstone, shale and dolomite, conformably overlay on the upper part of the Derenjal Formation with ...  Read More

Biostratigraphic Study of Mila Formation in Shahmirzad Section, North of Semnan with Special Reference to Conodonts

L. Fazli; B. Hamdi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, , Pages 190-195


         The Mila formation from late Early Cambrain to Early Ordovician age is well exposed in the Shahmirzad section consists of 5 lithological members. Several biozones of conodonts have been identified in this section, several taxa of body and trace fossils have been collected ...  Read More