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The Application of Fractures in Structural Interpretation of an Anticline, a Case Study: Chenareh Anticline, SW Iran

H. Hajialibeigi; S. A. Alavi; J. Eftekharnezhad; M. Mokhtari; M. H. Adabi

Volume 19, Issue 74 , February 2010, , Pages 33-44


  The Chenareh Anticline is located between Lurestan Zone (in north) and Dezful Embayment (in south) in the Zagros Folded-Thrust Belt. This anticline is documented and interpreted to constrain the kinematic evolution of a fold. The development of fractures is confined to the Asmari Formation. In the study ...  Read More

History of Tsunami Occurrences and Assessment of Tsunami Generation Potential of Makran Subduction Zone

M. Heidarzadeh; M. Dolatshahi Pirooz; N. Zaker; M. Mokhtari

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, , Pages 150-169


  This research attempts to assess the history of tsunami occurrences and potential for tsunami generation at the southern coasts of Iran bordering the Indian Ocean by providing a list of historical tsunamis in this region and also, modeling of phases of tsunami generation and propagation. After the December ...  Read More

Variation of Moho Depth in the Central Alborz

A. H. Rajaee; M. Mokhtari; K. Priestley; D. Hatsfeld

Volume 16, Issue 64 , March 2007, , Pages 136-147


  Using teleseismic body waves, this paper presents the crustal and lithospheric structure in the central part of the AlborzMountains for the first time. The region has been known as a very active and seismogenic locations in the past, characterized by strong earthquakes and complex structures. Tehran, ...  Read More