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1. Petrology and Tectonic Setting of Dizbad Basalts, Neyshabour, NE Iran

A. Kamali; H. Pirooj; F. Nemati; A. Ameri; M. Fadaeyan

Volume 21, Issue 84 , December 2012, , Pages 113-118


  The studied area is located in southern part of the Torghabeh quadrangle, 90 km SE of Mashad city. The rocks of the investigated area are alkaline basalt and trachy andesite. The major minerals are plagioclase and pyroxene, minor amounts of olivine. The accessory minerals are rutile, titanite and apatite. ...  Read More

2. Geotourism and Their Potential Assessment in Qaflankuh Area, Myaneh, NW Iran, Using Mathematical Target Model

A. Kamali; M. Moayyed; M. Jahanbakhsh Ganjeh; H. Pirooj; M. Jokar; A. Ameri

Volume 21, Issue 82 , December 2011, , Pages 121-132


  The studied area is located at southeast of Myaneh, in east Azarbaijan province. The tourism industry, especially geotourism is a new approach for improving of coexistence of human and nature, in order to make economic benfites is nowadays very important for local development. By evaluation of natural ...  Read More

3. Source and Tectonic Setting East of Sahand (Southeast of Tabriz) Volcanic Rocks Using Geochemical Evidences

F. Pirmohammadi; A. Ameri; A. Jahangiri; Ch. Chen; M. Keskin

Volume 21, Issue 81 , December 2011


  In southeast Tabriz, as a part of Western Albourz-Azarbaijan magmatic belt the vocanic and pyroclastic rocks of Sahand cover vast areas. The volcanic rocks include andesite, dacite, rhyodacite and rhyolite and pyroclastic rocks largely occur as vast ignimbritic outcrops. Based on high LILE/HFSE and LREE/HREE ...  Read More