Agricultural crop growth modelling: a tool for dealing with the threat of climate change affecting food security (case study for greenhouse tomato)

Mohammad Bagher Lak؛ Saeid Minaei؛ Saeid Soufizadeh؛ Ahmad Banakar

دوره 27، Special Journal-106 ، اسفند 1396، ، صفحه 83-90

  Climate change and essentiality of the food security have motived scientists to try innovative approaches, among which, crop growth models can help to predict crop yield. In order to simulate tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) growth, phenological characteristics of a short-life variety of tomato were assessed. Phenologic characteristics included leaf area index (LAI), specific leaf area (SLA), crop height (H), leaf fresh and dry weight (LFW and LDW), and stem fresh and dry weight (SFW and SDW). These parameters were measured at four different times (i.e. 33, 45, 55, and 87 days after planting) during ...  بیشتر