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1. A Fuzzy Model to Prediction of Shear Strength Parameters of Shemshak Formation Shales

M Kianpour; M Sayari; A Uromeihy; M.R Nikudel

Volume 23, Issue 89 , December 2013, , Pages 11-20


  Shear strength is one of the most important properties of mudrocks and shales in rock engineering and engineering geology. Because of the difficulty to obtain undisturbed samples of shales as required for determination of shear strength parameters, it is also the most difficult to evaluate. This research ...  Read More

2. A Fuzzy Model to Predict the Uniaxial Compressive Strength and the Modulus of Elasticity of Shemshak Formation Shales

M. Kianpour; M. Sayari; A. Oromiea

Volume 21, Issue 83 , December 2012, , Pages 103-110


  The uniaxial compressive strength and modulus of deformability of intact rocks are highly important parameters for rock engineering and engineering geology projects. Because of the difficulty of  measuring these parameters and the need for laboratory equipments for their prediction, indirect methods ...  Read More

3. Geochemistry of Major Elements of Silisiclastic Deposites from Shirgesht Formation, in Kalmard Block, Centeral Iran, Implications for Provenance, Tectonic Setting,and Weathering Intensity

A. Bayet goll; M. Hosseini-Barzi

Volume 20, Issue 79 , January 2011, , Pages 101-112


  Geochemical analysis of major elements from 12 sampels from Shirgesht Formation sandstones and shales with Ordovicien age in sections of kuh-Asheghan and Kuh-Rahdar at Kalmard block in Central Iran zone, and plotting these data on silisiclastic rocks classification diagrams, show that they are quartzarenite ...  Read More