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Joint Development in the Rocks of Karaj Formation within the Purkan-Vardij Thrust Sheet, North Tehran

A. R Shafeii; M. R. Ghassemi

Volume 23, Issue 89 , December 2013, , Pages 89-96


  The present research is aimed at investigation of geometry and kinematics of joints, relationships and temporal and spatial distribution of the joints regarding the two deformational events within the Purkan-Vardij thrust sheet. We also studied the relationships between development of different joint ...  Read More

Fracture System of Kopet-Dagh Fold Belt, NE Bojnurd

F. Ghaemi; F. Ghaemi

Volume 21, Issue 83 , December 2012, , Pages 77-86


  The Northern Khorasan is one of important active tectonics area. The main faults are strike slip (dextral and sinistral) and minor faults are thrust faults. Many of thrust faults are older than strike- slip faults and some of them are younger and are active now. It is because of bending of strike-slip ...  Read More

Study of Joints on the North Eshtehard Fault Related Folding

Z. Hosseinmardi; M. Ghorashi; M. R. Ghassemi; M. Talebian

Volume 21, Issue 84 , December 2012, , Pages 153-160


  The outcrop of northern part of North Eshtehard Thrust has been selected for study of structural evolution and geological processes. The study area includes folding structures with different scales from regional to outcrop which belong to fault related folding category. Analysis of joints in the region ...  Read More

Analysis of the Mesoscopic Brittle and Ductile-brittle Structures in the Metamorphic Area of Southeastern Eghlid

R. Arfania

Volume 21, Issue 82 , December 2011, , Pages 173-180


  The study area, located in 40 km southeast of Eghlid town, is a  metamorphozed terrain  situated between the Eghlid fault and the Zagros Main Thrust and is a part of the southeastern Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone. The area consists of the highly deformed rocks which have been emerging clearly in dextral ...  Read More

A New Method for Joint Set Classification Based on Bayesian Optimum Classifier

B. Tokhmechi; H. Memarian; H. Ahmadi Noubari; B. Moshiri

Volume 18, Issue 71 , January 2009, , Pages 115-122


  Joint study is one of the primary jobs in many geological, mining, geotechnical and petroleum exploration projects. Up to 10 features of joints are gathered during each field survey, while only two of them (dip and dip direction) are normally used to classify these complex features. This paper proposes ...  Read More

Petrography and Joint Study of Bisotoun Area, Implications for Deciphering Factors Controlling Damages on Bisotoun Iscription

H. Mohseni; S. Khodabakhsh; A. H. Sadr; F. Aliani

Volume 16, Issue 63 , March 2007, , Pages 92-96


  Bisotun inscription located on the mid-way of Hamedan- Kermanshah road (40 km to Kermanshah city), is carved on limestone cliffs exposed in the area. Dissolution of the inscription caused serious damage to the most important heritage of the country. The area comprises massive gray limestones of the Lower ...  Read More