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Eocene Masjeddaghi porphyry Cu-Au deposit; an example of island arc porphyry type deposit in NW Iran

S Hassanpour; S. Alirezaei

Volume 26, Issue 104 , September 2017, , Pages 43-58


  The Masjeddgaghi Cu-Au deposit is located to the southeast of the Arasbaran zone, NW Iran, to the south of the Lesser Caucasus. Mineralization in Masjeddaghi is associated with an Eocene dioritic subvolcanic pluton intruded into older volcanic and sedimentary rocks. The Masjeddaghi intrusive body is ...  Read More

Geochemical Exploration and Study on Combined Haloes of Elements in Soil Samples of Masjeddaghi Jolfa Area

A. Akbarpour; N. Gholami; A. Saiedi

Volume 18, Issue 69 , February 2008, , Pages 144-151


       The masjeddaghi area with 8.5 km2 extent is located in 35 km for east of jolfa.The geological exploration started in this area in 2003 and soil sample method was chosen due to the geological situation topography and weathering ,The sampling network was 100m*100m and 100m*200m ...  Read More

Local and Marginal Mineralogy of Alteration Haloes around Mineralized Veins of Masjeddaghi Area, Jolfa

A. Akbarpour; A. Rasa; M. Mehrpartou

Volume 16, Issue 63 , March 2007, , Pages 140-153


  The Masjeddaghi area is a part of Alborz-Azarbaijan Zone and located in the Jolfa 1:100000 geological map sheet. The oldest rock units cropped out widely in the south and northeast of the area belong to the Eocene flysch-type sediments. The other outcrops consist mainly of volcanic rock complex of andesites ...  Read More