Mineralogy and geochemistry of Nodoushan Zn-Pb deposit: A transitional deposit in UDMA, Central Iran

Kamran Motevali؛ Mehrdad Behzadi؛ Mohammad Yazdi

دوره 27، Special Journal-106 ، اسفند 1396، ، صفحه 119-130


  Eocene magmatism with intermediate-acid tuffs and volcanic rocks, the host to the Nodoushan deposit in Yazd province, intruded by Oligocene early diorite and later granite plutonic rocks. The former involved in iron skarn (containing epidote and euhedral grossularite) to the north and northern part of the deposit, the latter contributed to fault-controlled Zn-Pb deposit. The structural features controlled both the mineralization and consequent alterations which ranged from silicification (central) to argillic (northern). Propylitic alteration and dolomitization considered the minor ones, the iron ...  بیشتر