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Structural Analysis of the Zagros Collision Zone, West Aligodarz

A. H. Sadr; Mohammad Mohajjel; A. Yasaghi

Volume 19, Issue 76 , January 2010, , Pages 149-158


  The style of deformation changes from the hinterland (Sanandaj-Sirjan zone) to the foreland (Zagros) through the Zagros Orogen containing thick-skinned and thin-skinned deformation respectively. NW-SE trending thrust faults dipping to northeast have carried the older rock sequences to the surface. The ...  Read More

Balancing of Interpretation of Seismic Sections and its Application to Decrease the Errors in Seismic Interpretations:an Example from Iran

H. Sa’adatnia; A. Javaherian; I. Abdollahi Fard; M. R. Ghassemi

Volume 18, Issue 70 , February 2009, , Pages 102-111


        One of the duties of seismic interpreter is interpretation of the geological structures likely to be found at deeper levels. Such constructions form a key to the understanding of regional tectonics and they often play a vital role in industry. The exploration for oil and gas in particular ...  Read More

Geometric Analysis of the Buneh Kuh Anticline (Zagros)

Mehran Arian; S. Keshavarzi Dana

Volume 18, Issue 72 , January 2009, , Pages 83-89


  The Buneh Kuh anticline (with 25 km length and 7 to 17 km width) is a NW-SE trending anticline in the Coastal Fars Sub-basin (Zagros simple folded belt). Gachsaran formation is cropping out in the core of this anticline. In this paper the elements of fold style and folding mechanism have been investigated ...  Read More

Structural Evolution of the Basement and Activity of Salt Structures in Firuzabad Area, Fars

M. Pirouz; A. Bahroudi; M.R. Ghasemi; A. Saeidi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, , Pages 40-55


          The study area is located in Zagros simply folded belt, south of Firuzabad city. We have considered sedimentary basin floor deformation, initial time of folding and salt structure upwelling by using isopach data. Moreover, these data can be used to indicate ...  Read More

Deformation Pattern in Western High Zagros

Z. Malekzadeh; M. R. Abbassi; O. Bellier; C. Authemayou; I. Shabanian

Volume 18, Issue 69 , February 2008, , Pages 130-143


        The present study covers the area between 500E to 510, 30`E of the Zagros Fold-and-Thrust Belt. The deformation pattern of west High Zagros Belt (HZB) has been considered to reflect a complete strain partitioning due to the Arabian oblique plate convergence and Central ...  Read More