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Geology, Geochemistry and Tectonomagmatic of Some Volcanic Cones in Southeastern Iran

Habib Biabangard; Farzad Molazadebravate

Volume 28, Issue 109 , September 2018, , Pages 161-174


  Kuh-Som, KuhzaBozorg and KuhzaKochak volcanic cones are located in the southeastern of Bam and northwest of Bazman cites. From the perspective geology these cones are belong to the Iranian central zone and south-eastern edge of Lut block. These cones are composed of extrusive igneous rocks such as basalt, ...  Read More

Three Dimensional Structure of the BAM Region from Local Earthquake Tomography

Z. Jeddi; Mohammad Tatar; B. Saeedi Razavi

Volume 22, Issue 88 , December 2013, , Pages 31-40


  The catastrophic December 26, 2003 Mw 6.6 Bam earthquake is one of the most disastrous earthquakes in Iran. This earthquake attracted much attention, and has been far more studied that which would be expected from a moderate magnitude earthquake. Nevertheless, there are doubtful results related to geometry ...  Read More

Developing a Model to Assess Seismic Instability against Earthquake using Fuzzy & IHPW and GIS

K. Habibi; M. Behzadfar; A. Meshkini; S. Nazari

Volume 22, Issue 87 , December 2013, , Pages 83-92


  Due to its geographic position and located on the World earthquake belt; Iran is always under threat from earthquakes and several shakes are recorded every year all over the country. The most recent earthquake with 6.8 degree magnitude on the Richter scale hit the city of Bam in 2003 and caused large ...  Read More

Estimating Slip Rates of Faults around Bam and their Application in Evaluation of Earthquake Hazard

M. Talebian; S. H. Tabatabaei; M. Fattahi; M. Ghorashi; A. Beitollahi; A. Ghalandarzadeh; M.A. Riahi

Volume 19, Issue 74 , February 2010, , Pages 149-156


  The Iranian plateau lies between the Arabian and Eurasian plates and accommodates approximately 22 mm/yr of N-S shortening.  About 9 mm/y of this shortening is taken up by folding and thrusting in the Zagros while the remaining 13 mm/yr is taken up in the Alborz and Kopeh-Dagh. The Central Iran ...  Read More

Estimation of Shear Wave Attenuation for Bam Earthquake, Strong Motion Records, Using Singular Value Decomposition

H. Ghasemi; E. Zabihi; A. Roshandel Kahoo; M. Zare

Volume 16, Issue 63 , March 2007, , Pages 124-129


  Strong motion records from the 2002 Bam Earthquake are used to investigate the shape of attenuation function in several frequencies ranging between 0.8 to 18 Hz.  Amplitude spectra of the records are inverted to find source scaling factor and attenuation parameters using Singular Value Decomposition ...  Read More