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Investigating the stress regime in the Gorgan-plain, using inversion of earthquake focal mechanism solutions

Fereshteh Jafari-Hajati; Maryam Agh-Atabai; Majid Nemati; Ali Biglari-Fadafan

Volume 33, Issue 1 , February 2023, , Pages 69-86


  In this research, to understand the present-day tectonic situation of Gorgan-plain in the east of the South Caspian basin, the tectonic stress regime of this area and its adjacent areas was estimated using the inversion of the data of the earthquake focal mechanisms. For this aim, in addition to analyzing ...  Read More

Seismotectonics of the East Alborz and Kopeh- Dagh zones using local seismic network data

M. Kouhpeyma; M. Talebian; L. Chen; A. Ghods; M. Ghorashi

Volume 31, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 199-208


  The Kopeh Dagh and Binalud-Alla Dagh mountains are important structural elements located in the northeastern boundary of Arabia-Eurasia collision zone. Due to existence of large cities with a long history of civilization, there is a relatively rich body of data on historical seismicity in this area. ...  Read More

Calculation the maximum horizontal stress and strain field in around of Zendan- Minab- Palami fault system.

Gh. Ghorbani Rostam; M. Pakzad Pakzad; N. Mirzaei

Volume 28, Issue 110 , December 2018, , Pages 23-32


  There are two different seismotectonic zones in around of the Zendan- Minab- Palami (ZMP) fault system and the Oman Line, in south of Iran (Makran subduction zone in the east and Zagros collision zone in the west), which led to the complexity of this region. Since studying the stress field is important ...  Read More

Geological and Seismic Study of the August 27, 2010 Touchahi Earthquake MN=5.9 (South of Damghan City)

M.A Shokri; M Foroutan; M Nemati; M.J Bolourchi; SH Javadipour; B Oveisi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 281-292


  The Touchahi earthquake of Aug 27, 2010 (MN 5.9; IRSC- Mw 5.7; USGS) occurred at 19:23:49 UTC (23:53:49 local time on 5 Shahrivar 1389) in south of Damghan city. No foreshock were reported before this earthquake whereas 85 aftershocks (MN 1-5) were registered by IRSC until 1 month after the mainshock. ...  Read More

Tectonic Stress Variations in the Zagros Using Inversion of Earthquake Focal Mechanisms

SH Pourbeyranvand; M Tatar

Volume 24, Issue 1393 , March 2015, , Pages 115-122


  Having knowledge of stress variations in the Zagros region, southwest Iran is necessary to study the deformation resulting from oblique collision between the Eurasian & the Arabian plates and to obtain insight into the complicated tectonics of the region. In this study, earthquakes focal mechanism ...  Read More

Microseismicity and Seismotectonics of the Garmsar Area

M Tatar; S.M Momeni; F Yaminifard

Volume 24, Issue 1393 , March 2015, , Pages 289-298


  The V shape kink of the AlborzMountains at its southern end reaches to the Garmsar city located 100 km southeast of Tehran metropolis. We investigated seismicity and seismotectonic features of the Garmsar area by precisely locating of microearthquakes recorded by our local dense seismological network ...  Read More

Focal Mechanism of December 20, 2007, Tabriz Earthquake Using Accelerograph Data

H. Hamzehloo; E. Farzanegan; H. Mirzaei

Volume 19, Issue 75 , January 2010, , Pages 35-38


  The December 20, 2007 earthquake has occurred three months after the September  16, 2007 earthquake near the Tabriz city in East Azarbaijan province. We have used SH- waves accelerographs data and Brune model to estimate the causative fault plane parameters. The strike, dip and rake have been ...  Read More

Crustal Velocity Model and Fault Mechanism of the Tabriz Strike-Slip Zone.

A. S. Moradi; M. Tatar; D. Hatzfeld; A. Paul

Volume 18, Issue 70 , February 2009, , Pages 140-153


  The North Tabriz Fault (NTF) is an active fault which poses a high seismic hazard to the areas of NW Iran, especially the city of Tabriz with a population of 1.6 million. In order to determine the geometry and the kinematics of this fault system, a local dense seismological network including forthy 3-component ...  Read More

Seismicity of Tehran City Region and its Vicinity Based on Tehran City Seismic Network (TCSN) Data

F. Yamini-Fard; A. S-Moradi; M. Hosseini; R. Norouzi

Volume 19, Issue 73 , January 2009, , Pages 133-138


  From June 2004 to December 2008 low seismic activity was recorded near North-Tehran, Taleghan and Kahrizak faults and inside of Tehran city. In contrast, seismic activity along Mosha, Garmsar and North-Alborz faults is considerable. Generally seismic activity decreases from 51 degrees longitude to west. ...  Read More

The 2004 May 28 Firoozabad-Kojour (Iran) Earthquake, Ms 6.3, and its Aftershocks based on Recorded Data at Local Seismological Stations

M. Tatar; A. M. Farahbod

Volume 16, Issue 64 , March 2007, , Pages 24-37


             A moderate earthquake (Ms=6.3) struck the coastal region of north of Iran and the central Alborz on 28 May, 2004 was responsible of several damages and about 35 casualties. The mainshock was followed by a large number of aftershocks, the largest ...  Read More