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Geochemistry and tectonic setting of Tertiary lavas in Abbas Abad area(Northeast of Sarbisheh), Southern Khorasan

Marziyeh Abazari; Seyyed Saeid Mohammadi; Malihe Nakhaei

Volume 29, Issue 114 , December 2019, , Pages 41-50


  Abbas Abad area is located in the northeast of Sarbisheh, in the northern part of Sistan suture zone and southern Khorasan province. In this area, Tertiary volcanic rocks with the composition of intermediate to acid, including basaltic andesite, andesite, and dacite are exposed. Constructive minerals ...  Read More

Geochemistry, tectonic environment and origin of Oligo-Miocene lavas in Zoolesk area, northeast of Sarbisheh (Southern Khorasan)

Maryam Kouchi; Malihe Nakhaei

Volume 28, Issue 110 , December 2018, , Pages 255-266


  In northeast of Sarbisheh city, southern Khorasan, outcrops of lava rocks are exist that from view of geological subdivisions, located in eastern part of Lut block. Lithologic composition of studied collections consist of andesite (pyroxene andesite, andesite, trachy andesite), dacite and rhyolite. The ...  Read More

Geologic and geochemical investigation on the Mn veins in Jonub-E Sehchangi, SW Birjand, Southern Khorasan province (east Iran)

Behnaz Barghi; Ali Asghar Calagari; Mohammad Hossein Zarrinkoub; Vartan Simmonds

Volume 27, Issue 106 , March 2018, , Pages 3-12


  Mn-bearing veins of Jonub -ESehchangi are located 200 km southwest of Birjand, Southern Khorasan province (east of Iran). These veins are hosted by andesitic rocks of Eocene to Oligocene ages. Ore minerals identified  by XRD method and mineralographic studies and are Pyrolusite, cryptomelane, psilomelane, ...  Read More

Petrography, geochemistry and tectonic setting of Tertiary volcanic rocks in the Boshgaz area )northwest of Sarbisheh, Southern Khorasan(

A. Baharvandi; S. S. Mohammadi; M. Nakhaei

Volume 27, Issue 106 , March 2018, , Pages 117-128


  In the Boshgaz area in 50 kilometers northwest of Sarbisheh and eastern margin of Lut block, Tertiary volcanic rocks with basaltic andesite, andesite and dacite composition are cropped out. The main texture of these rocks are porphyry with microlithic-glass groundmass, glomeroporphyritic and vesicular. ...  Read More

Petrogenesis of Neogene dacitic and andesitic volcanism in the Tel Gorban-Chah Breshk area North of Shahrebabak, Kerman-Iran

S. Z. Hosseini; M. Arvin

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, , Pages 11-22


  Neogene volcanism in the Tel Gorban-Chah Breshk area, north of Shahre-Babak, occurs as dacitic to andesitic lava flows and domes. Petrographically the rocks consist of plagioclase, hornblende ±biotite and quartz phenocrysts setting in porphyritic and hyalopilitic matrix. Opacitization of hornblende ...  Read More

Rare earth elements geochemistry of alteration system of the Basir-Abad area, Northeast of Ahar, NW Iran

A Abedini

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, , Pages 173-182


  The Basir-Abad area (northeast of Ahar, East-Azarbaidjan province) is a part of the Cenozoic Ahar-Arasbaran magmatic belt in northwest of Iran. Intrusion of granitic and granodioritic igneous rocks of Oligocene age into the Eocene volcanic rocks (andesite, trachy-andesite, andesi-basalt and basalt) resulted ...  Read More

Petrogenesis of Mio-Peliocene Dacite-Andesite Volcanism in SE of Urumieh-Dokhtar Magmatic Belt, (NE Shahr-e-Babak)

Gh Ghadami; M Poosti; F Babai

Volume 25, Issue 97 , December 2016, , Pages 37-48


  Few More than 5 dacite to andesite volcanic masses with Mio-Pliocene age are exposed to older volcanic rocksat the south and east of the Mozahem volcano, in south-east of Urumieh- Dokhtar magmatic belt, north-east of Shahre-Babak. These rocks show hyaloporphyritic- trachytic texture and consist of pPhenocrysts ...  Read More

Geochemistry, petrogenesis and tectonic setting of the Sarcheshmeh Eocene mafic lava flows, Southwest of Rafsanjan

S.Z Hosseini

Volume 25, Issue 100 , September 2016, , Pages 209-220


  The Eocene mafic lava flows of Sarcheshmehare cropped out in the southwest of Rafsanjan area at the central part of the Urmia – Dokhtar magmatic belt. The rocks are basalt, basaltic andesite and andesite in composition and consist of clinopyroxene + plagioclase ± olivine ± hornblende phenocrysts. ...  Read More

Petrology, Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting of Eocene Volcanic Rocks from East of Heris, East Azarbaijan, NW Iran

A. Ameri; N. Ashrafi; H. Karimi Gharebaba

Volume 18, Issue 71 , January 2009, , Pages 85-90


  The study area is located about 20 km to the east of the Heris town in northwest Iran, and lies in the Alborz-Azarbaijan geological zone. The occurrence of lava domes associated with thick lava flows, volcanic breccias, and ignimbrite layers indicate an important eruptive center in the study area. The ...  Read More

Petrography, Geochemistry, and Petrogenesis of Lava Flows and Dykes in Abaregh Area (Kerman Province)

A. Zahedi; H. Ahmadipour

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, , Pages 130-139


       The Abaregh area is located in 40 km northwest of Bam city in Kerman province. Rock units of the region consist of lava flows and dikes that crop out along a fault system trending NS. Mineralogically, the rocks contain plagioclase, augite, hypresthen, and minor olivine. Heterogenous ...  Read More

Source and Tectonic Setting of Zarjebostan (NE of Qazvin) Paleogene Volcanic Rocks using REE and HFSE Elements

K. Kalantari; A. Kananian; A. Asiabanha; M. Eliassi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, , Pages 140-149


      Paleogene basic to intermediate lava flows of Central Alborz, in the northeast of Qazvin city (Zarjebostan), include trachy-andesite, basaltic trachy-andesite and basaltic andesite. These volcanic rocks are high-K calc-alkaline rocks. Based on the high LILE/HFSE and LREE/HREE ratios ...  Read More