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Petrography and Geochemistry of ophiolitic peridotite from Marivan-Kamyaran region, Zagros (western Iran)

Azad karimi; ali ahmadi; Monireh Kheirkhah; Abdolreza Partabian

Volume 30, Issue 118 , January 2021, , Pages 25-36


  The peridotites from Marivan-Kamyaran ophiolite suite (MKO), outer Zagros ophiolite belt, western Iran, are studied for the petrological and geochemical characteristics. Both mantle and crustal peridotites are present in the Marivan-Kamyaran ophiolitic sequence. Extensive compositional variations in ...  Read More

Using noble metal and mineral chemistry of peridotites in petrogenesis and tectonic setting of Rudan ultramafic complex, Kerman, Southern Iran

A. R. Najafzadeh

Volume 27, Issue 107 , June 2018, , Pages 173-184


  The Rudan ultramafic complex with Paleozoic age is located in Southern Kerman province and is composed mainly of massive harzburgite, small to medium sized lenticular dunite and subordinate very thin olivine websterite dykes. Granular and protogranular are the main textures in dunites and harzburgites, ...  Read More

Petrology and petrogenesis of pillow lavas of Forumad area, Northeast Iran

R Kohansal; M Ghorbani; S.M Pourmafi; M Khalatbari Jafari; J Omrani

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, , Pages 147-158


  The Forumad ophiolite pillow lavas crop out at west of Sabzevar and at the periphery of north central Iran microcontinent.  These lavas include Upper Cretaceous pelagic limestone with microfossils and are classified in two Late Turonian- Santonian and Coniacian- Late Campanian groups. These basaltic ...  Read More

Using Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Cheshmeh-Bid Chromitites (Neyriz) for Determination of Tectonic Setting

B Taghipour; M Nejadhadad; M.A Makizadeh; M Noghreian; P Rahimi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 63-74


  Dunite and serpentinized harzburgite from northwest of the Neyriz ophiolites are host rocks of some podiform chromite deposits in Cheshmeh-Bid area. These chromite deposits occurred as aligned massive lenses in various sizes. The most important ore textures are massive, nodular, layered and disseminated ...  Read More

Petrography, Mineral Chemistry and Petrogenesis of the Ganj Complex Felsic Plutonic Rocks, South East of Iran: Constraints on its Tectonic Environment

A Shaker Ardakani; M Arvin; B Oberhänsli

Volume 23, Issue 92 , September 2014, , Pages 143-154


  The Lower Paleocene felsic plutonic rocks in the N- NE of Ghaleh-Ganj, are located on the western side of the Makran accretionary prism and the Jazmurian Depression and the east side of the Jiroft fault. They are parts of the intrusives in the Ganj complex, which itself is a part of the Jazmurian ophiolitic ...  Read More

Platinum- Group Elements (PGE) and Chromian Spinel Geochemistry in the Peridotites from the Abdasht Ultramafic Complex, Kerman, Southeastern Iran

A.R Najafzadeh; H Ahmadipour

Volume 23, Issue 91 , June 2014, , Pages 173-186


  The Abdasht complex is one of the major ultramafic complexes in south-east Iran (Esfandagheh area). This complex is composed mainly of dunite, harzburgite, lherzolite, chromitite, and subordinate wehrlite. The detailed electron microprobe study revealed very high Cr# (48-86), Mg# (26-56) and very low ...  Read More