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Economic Geology
Thermometry and Origin of Mineralizing Fluid at Barika Gold Deposit, East of Sardasht

H Tajeddin; Ebrahim Rastad; Abdolmajid Yaghoubpour; Mohammad Mohajjel; Richard Goldfarb

Volume 28, Issue 111 , May 2019, , Pages 17-28


  Barika gold (and silver)-rich volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit is located 18 km east of Sardasht city in the northwestern of Sanandaj–Sirjan metamorphic Zone. The rocks in the vicinity of the Barika deposit predominantly consist of Cretaceous volcanosedimentary sequences of phyllite, slate, ...  Read More

Inversion of Frequency Domain Helicopter Electromagnetic Data for Recognizing Gold Enriched Massive Sulfide Anomaly in Barika Area, West Azerbaijan, Iran

M Shademan; A.R Arab-Amiri; H Kheyrollahi; D Rajabi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 197-202


  Frequency Domain Electromagnetic surveys are being used for various applications like mineral and water exploration, environmental hazards and buried human-made materials because of its resolution and fast acquisition for low depth targets. Resistivity and its depth for each frequency could be calculated ...  Read More

Comparison of Clustering Methods in Mineral Potential Mapping of Barika Anomaly, West Azerbaijan

M Shademan; B Tokhmechi

Volume 24, Issue 94 , March 2015, , Pages 67-72


  Nowadays GIS techniques are used as a conventional tool for integrating geographic information datasets. In these methods, integration is done according to quality and quantity of datasets and using appropriate weighting approaches. Finally, with Classification methods like Geometric Distances, Mineral ...  Read More

Petrogenesis Geochemistry and Role of Deformation on Ore Elements Distribution of Barika Ggold-Rich Massive Sulfide Deposit, East of Sardasht, Northwest of Sanandaj – Sirjan Zone.

H. A. Tajeddin; E. Rastad; A. Yagoubpour; M. Mohajjel

Volume 21, Issue 83 , December 2012, , Pages 141-156


  Barika deposit is the first and only recognized gold (and silver) rich – massive sulfide deposit in Iran which is located at 18 km east of Sardasht city, north western part of Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic zone. Rock units outcropped in this area are volcano sedimentary metamorphosed rocks in green ...  Read More