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The role of basement and young magmatism in epithermal gold and polymetallic mineralization in Takab-Mahneshan area, NW Iran

Mojgan Salehi Yazdi; Mansour Ghorbani; Nima Nezafati; Mansour Vossoughi Abedini

Volume 32, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 145-158


  Takab-Mahneshan's metallogenic area is essential in gold mineralization, and it is a part of the northern Urmia-Dokhtar magmatic belt. The northern Urmia-Dokhtar has two distinctive features. It contains the Precambrian basement, and the young Mio-Pliocene magmatism rocks overlie its Precambrian basement. ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Geology and mineralization of Sebandoon gold deposit, North of Bardeskan

Behzad Hamamipour; H. A. Tajeddin; Leila Barahmand

Volume 27, Issue 108 , September 2018, , Pages 155-168


  The Sebandoon gold deposit is located 40 km north of the Bardaskan in the northern part of the Central Iran. The rock units exposed in the area consist of upper Cretaceous volcano-sedimentary sequences of trachyte-trachyandesite, andesibasalt,tuff and carbonaceous shale which intruded by post Eocene ...  Read More

Geology, Alteration, Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion of Au Mineralization in the North Bazman

M.R Omidvar Eshkalak; A.A Mokhtari

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 165-180


  The studied area is located in the southeastern end of the Sahand- Bazman Magmatic Belt in the north of Bazman volcano. This area composed of Miocene volcanic rocks including andesitic to dacitic lavas along with tuffaceous sandstone, ignimbrite, agglomerate, tuff and siltstone that underwent propyilitic, ...  Read More

Mineralization of Gold in North Bazman Area, Chah naeli, Iran

M.R Hezareh; I Rasa

Volume 24, Issue 94 , March 2015, , Pages 287-292


  In the western part of the Sistan & BaluchestanProvince (continuation of the Jebal- e BarezRange) in southeast Iran, the epithermal type (i. e. gold and associated elements) model is one of the anticipated metallogenic model. The studied area is one of the important targets of regional geochemical ...  Read More

The Hired Gold Mineralization: an Example of Gold Deposits Related to Reduced Granitoid Intrusions in Iran (South of Birjand)

H. Eshraghi; E. Rastad; M. H. Emami; A. Asgari

Volume 18, Issue 69 , February 2008, , Pages 2-19


       The Hired gold mineralization is located 140 km South of Birjand, Southern Khorasan, and north of Lut Block. In the area, the Jurassic and Cretaceous units are covered by Tertiary volcano-sedimentary sequences. Granite, granodiorite-quartzdiorite and gabbronorite bodies have ...  Read More

Gold Mineralization in Ductile – Brittle and Brittle Shear Zones, Zartorosht Deposits, Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone, Southwest of Sabzevaran

Gh. R. Rastgoo Moghaddam; E. Rastad; N. Rashid Nejad Omran; M. Mohajel

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, , Pages 108-129


         Zartorosht gold deposit is located in southeastern part of the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone. Rock units exposed in the area include mafic to intermediate volcanic series, metamorphosed volcano-sedimentary rocks and meta-basites intruded by basic to felsic dikes. These late ...  Read More