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Economic Geology
Chemistry of Sericite, Pyrite, and Chalcopyrite in the Phyllic Alteration Zone of the Parkam and Abdar Porphyry Deposits

Alireza Zarasvandi; Mohsen Rezaei; Mansour Adelpour; Hadis Parvaneh

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 25 March 2023


  Parkam (Sara) and Abdar porphyry Cu deposits containing mainly dioritic and quartz dioritic stocks are located in the southern part of Urumieh-Dokhtar Magmatic Belt (UDMB). The aim of this study is to characterize the phyllic alteration using sericite and sulfide (i.e., pyrite and chalcopyrite) chemistry. ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Study of Altrations, fluid inclusions and sulfur and oxygen isotope compositions in Sarkuh porphyry copper deposit, Kerman

Sholeh Malekshahi; Masoumeh Khalajmasoumi; Hadi Mohammad Doost; Mona Sojdehee; Shahrzad Aboutorab

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 29 April 2023


  Sarkuh Porphyry Copper deposit is located about 6 km southwest of Sarcheshmeh porphyry copper deposit. Alterations in the region include advanced potassic, propylitic, phyllic and argillic. Copper mineralization is mainly associated with porphyry granodiorite mass. Minerals include chalcopyrite, pyrite, ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Geochemistry of rare earth elements of the Gano bauxite deposit, eastern Alborz zone, northern Iran

Maryam Khosravi; Wenchao Yu; Jintao u Zhou

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 03 May 2023


  The Gano bauxite deposit is located 90 km northeast of Semnan city in the eastern Alborz Mountains, northern Iran. The bauxite ores occur as stratiform discrete lenses with a length of 6 km and thickness of 2–20 m along the contact between carbonates of the Elika Formation and shale, sandstone, ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Stable Isotope(S-H-O) studies on Astamal Deposit: Indication to Mineralized Fluid Resources, NW Iran

Shohreh Hassanpour; Susan Ebrahimi

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 07 May 2023


  Astmal deposit is located in the northwest of Iran and is structurally located in the Arasbaran Magmatic zone. Skarn mineralization related to the Eocene-Oligocene granodiorite rocks which have been permeated to the Upper Cretaceous rocks. Mineralization has formed in the exoskarn zone, and the metasomatic ...  Read More

Economic Geology
The Hired gold deposit, Lut Block, East Iran: Example of a gold deposit related to reduced I-type intrusive bodies

Maryam Emami Jafari; Saeid alirezaei; iraj rasa; Jochen Kolb

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 29 May 2023


  The Hired gold deposit in the Lut block, east Iran, is closely associated with an Eocene intermediate-mafic intrusive complex consisting of granodiorite to diorite, hornblende monzonite, and gabbro-diorite intruded into Eocene volcanic rocks. The intrusions are distinguished by high contents of CaO,FeOt, ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Geology, Mineralogy, geochemistry of sulfide ores and galena mineral in the Chahnar Pb-Zn deposit, SW Baft (Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone)

Mahdi Ghorbani Dehnavi; Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi; Mohammad Hasan Karimpour

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 31 May 2023


  Chahnar Pb-Zn deposit is located south of Rutchun plain, 110 km SW Baft, within Sanandaj- Sirjan Zone. Mineralization occurs at calitic-dolomitic marble of Rutchun complex as epigenetic with structural control. Paragenetic minerals are galena and minor sphalerite and pyrite associated with quartz, and ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Petrology, geochemistry and chemical nature of the Goft and Mohammadabad manganese ore host rocks, in the Late Cretaceous volcanic-sedimentary sequence southwest of Sabzevar

Shaghayegh Sadat Hashempour; Sajjad Maghfouri; Ebrahim Rastad

Volume 33, Issue 1 , February 2023, , Pages 179-196


  The Goft and Mohammadabad manganese deposits are located in the southwestern part of Sabzevar, whitin the Late Cretaceous volcano-sedimentary sequences. This sequence is located inside a 100 km long folded structure with northeast-southwest trend. Mohammadabad manganese deposit located in the southeastern ...  Read More

Economic Geology
An approach to the origin of the Nineh Lead-Zinc deposit, the north of Mahallat, Markazi Province; insight from mineralogical, fluid inclusion and stable isotope (C-O-S) studies

Shayan Akrami; Mohammad Ali Aliabadi; Mohammad Reza Hazareh; Abbas Askari; Tayebeh Ramezani

Volume 33, Issue 1 , February 2023, , Pages 197-212


  Nineh Pb-Zn deposit is located in the east of the Markazi province, in the Middle to Upper Jurassic rock units of the Malayer-Esfahan  metallogenic belt. Stratified and epigenetic mineralization, in the form of veins, replacement and open spaces filling, including the main minerals of galena, sphalerite ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Genesis of the Miandasht copper deposit, East of Mayamey: Based on geological, mineralogical and geochemical evidences

Fatemeh Esmaeili; Fardin mousivand; Mahmoud Sadeghian; Seyed Mehran Heidari

Volume 32, Issue 4 , December 2022, , Pages 305-318


  Miandasht copper deposit is located in 110 km east of Shahrood, 24km north west of Abbasabad, and in the Cenozoic volcanic belt of north of Central Iran zone. The major rock units of the study area have Eocene age and include submarine flows (andesite, basalt, and trachyandesit), pyroclastic (tuff breccia ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Deformation, alteration and fluid inclusion studies in the Mirgenaghshineh orogenic gold deposit, Northwest of Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone

Hossein Ali Tajeddin; Ebrahim Rastad; Abdolmajid Yaghoubpour; Mohammad Mohajjel

Volume 32, Issue 4 , December 2022, , Pages 319-336


  The Mirgenaghshineh gold deposit is located 43 km northwest of Saqqez in the northwestern part of the Sanandaj–Sirjan zone. The rocks in the deposit area predominantly consist of Precambrian volcanosedimentary sequences of schist, metasandstone, slate and metaandesite which are intruded by granitoid ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Geology, mineralization, alteration and fluid inclusion studies of the Janja porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, Sistan Suture Zone, SE Iran

Nima Rahimi; Shojaeddin Niroomand; Mohammad Lotfi; Mojtaba Rahimi Shahid

Volume 32, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 13-30


  The Janja Cu-Mo porphyry deposit is located at 70 km south of the Nehbandan, Sistan suture zone, Eastern Iran. The porphyry mineralization in the Janja deposit is temporally and spatially associated with the diorite to quartz diorite and granodiorite granular to porphyry stocks that intruded in the Cretaceous ...  Read More

Economic Geology
The Barzavand copper deposit, NW Naein, Esfahan Province: Constraints on mineralization and geochemistry of alteration system

Shahram Mobaser; Taher Farhadinejad; Abbas Asgari; Mohammad Ali Ali Abadi; Shirin Fatahi

Volume 32, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 31-48


  The Barzavand copper deposit with Oligocene age located in 30 Km northeast of Zefreh along a tension fault with W-E trend and developed within basaltic lava with stratabound form. Alterations mainly include: pyritization, propylitization, zeolitization, silicification, saussuritization and uralitization ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralization, Fluid inclusion, and stable isotope studies (O, S) of the Godar Sorkh gold deposit, Muteh, Sanandaj-Sirjan

Monireh Sakhdari; Mehrdad Behzadi; Mohammad Yazdi; Nematollah Rashidnejad-Omran; Morteza Sadeghi Naeini

Volume 32, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 49-60


  The Godar Sorkh area is located in the central part of the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone, 20 km southwest of the Muteh region. Gold mineralization at Godar Sorkh occurs in quartz-sulfide veins that hosted in metasedimentary rocks. Veins of mineralization typically formed along normal faults.  Rock sequences ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralogy, geochemistry and tectono-magmatic setting of the granitoids in the Baghak Fe skarn deposit, Sangan mining district, NE Iran

Kiamars Hosseini; Majid Shahpasandzadeh; Roghayeh zabihi khargh

Volume 32, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 61-78


  The Sangan Mining District (SMD) in the north of the Cenozoic magmatic belt of eastern Iran is constituted of predominantly acidic to intermediate volcanic and pyroclastic rocks, intruded by the Eocene granitoids. In the Baghak Fe skarn deposit, these granitoids are composed of pre-mineralization ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralization of chromite and ilmenite in Kurdistan ophiolite: An approach to determine the geotectonic setting

Mohammad Ali Rajabzadeh; Mohammad Amini

Volume 32, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 133-144


  This is the first report on the presence of podiform chromititeLenses associated with the Marivan ophiolite. These ore deposits with granular massive fabric are hosted by dunite and harzburgite occurred in south Marivan city. Chemistry of chromian spinel in the chromite Lenses indicated that Cr#  for ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Study of Tareek Darreh Gold and Copper Occurrence North Torbat-e-Jam- Khorasan-Razavi Province, NE-Iran

Kourosh Shabani; Nima Nezafati; Morteza Momenzadeh; Mohammad Hashem Emami; Seyed Jamal Shaykhzakaryaii

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, , Pages 59-74


  The Tareek Darreh gold Gold & Copper deposit is located 40km north of Torbat- e Jam in the Khorasan-Razavi province,NE-Iran. The study area is mainly comprised of slightly metamorphosed, sedimentary rocks of Jurassic age including alternation of shale, siltstone, and sandstone. These rocks have been ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Geology, structure and mineralization of Cu (± Au) hydrothermal-magmatic deposits of Saveh-Razan region

Seyed Mehran Heidari; Sara Safavy; Afshin Akbarpour; Azra Hassanlou; Bahram Mohaghegh

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, , Pages 89-104


  Saveh-Razan copper (± gold) area, with WNW direction in the northwest of Urmia-Dokhtar magmatic belt, with the highest reaction to right-sided shear zones and structural trend change during the Oligomyocene, leads to the placement of semi-deep Oligomyocene diorite massifs in shallow rock depths. ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Genesis of the MohammadAbad polymetallic deposit, Delijan: using Geochemistry, and C, O, S isotopes

Ali reza zarasvandi; Mohammad Ali Ali Abadi; Mohsen Rezaei; Houshang Pourkaseb

Volume 32, Issue 1 , March 2022, , Pages 43-56


  The Mohammadabad deposit is located in vicinity of Delijan in central province and in terms of structural zones of Iran,in the Uremia dokhtar zone. Stratabound Fe-Ce mineralization in brecciated, vein, massive, layered and laminar forms, consists ore minerals such as hematite, pyrite, chalcopyrite and ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Zircon trace elements and oxygen fugacities of parental magma of Maher abad and Khopik Cu porphyries, Lut block

Almasi Alireza; Ghasem Nabatian; Amir Mahdavi; Qiuli Li

Volume 32, Issue 1 , March 2022, , Pages 73-88


  The Maher abad and Khopik porphyry Cu deposits occurred in the Upper Eocene (39-37 Ma) in Lut block. All of them associated with intermediate (mostly monzonite) rocks. Porphyry deposits are closely associated with oxidized magmas. Oxygen fugacity (fO2) is a key factor that controls the formation of porphyry ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Type and genetic model of the Toryan sediment-hosted Pb–Zn occurrence, NW Zanjan

Negar Kaboudmehri; Hossein Kouhestani; Mir Ali asghar Mokhtari; Afshin Zohdi

Volume 32, Issue 1 , March 2022, , Pages 103-118


  The Toryan occurrence is located in the Central Iran zone, 120 km northwest of Zanjan. Pb–Zn mineralization at Toryan occurred as laminated and lens-shaped parallel to lamination of grey sandstone units of the Upper Red Formation. Mineralization often formed around and within the fragments of the ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralization, geochemistry and fluid inclusion studies of silicic veins in Sarikhanloo area, NW Meshgin Shahr, NW Iran

Hadi Mohammadian; vartan simmonds; kamal Siahcheshm

Volume 32, Issue 1 , March 2022, , Pages 119-136


  The Sarikhanloo area is located within the Qaradagh metallogenic zone in northwest Meshgin Shahr. Igneous rocks cropped out in this area include successions of Paleocene-Eocene pyroclastic rocks (tuff and andesitic-dacitic lavas with intercalations of ignimbrite) and basaltic andesite lava flows. Igneous ...  Read More

Economic Geology
The Exigency and How of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Classification

Reza ShakorShahabi; Ali Nouri Qarahasanlou; Seyed Reza Azimi; Adel Mottahedi

Volume 31, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 39-48


  Despite the undeniable contribution of small-scale and artisanal mines (ASMs) in the mining industry and small-scale enterprises (SMEs), no clear and comprehensive definition has been provided. Each country and governorate have defined this sector. However, ASMs are entirely different from large-scale ...  Read More

Remote Sensing
Petrography, Geochemistry and Tectonic setting of volcanic rocks in Chomalu polymetallic deposit (North-West of Zanjan)

Mahya Nazarian; Mohammad Lotfi; Arash Gourabjeripour; Majid Ghasemi Siani

Volume 31, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 61-72


  The Chomalu Polymetallic deposit is located in western part of Alborz magmatic belt (Alborz-Azarbaijan) and central part of Tarom-Hashtjin metallogenic province. Eocene volcanic settings in the Chomalu deposit consist of basic rocks (olivinebasalt), intermediate (andesite basalt, andesite to trachyandesite) ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Application of Singularity Index (SI), Fuzzy-Gamma and AHP methods for Pb-Zn Prospecting in the Khondab sheet, Malayer-Isfahan Metallogenic Zone, Iran

Mohammad Amin Jafari; Ahad Nazarpour; Ghodratollah Rostami Paydar

Volume 31, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 79-96


  In this research, using fuzzy logic (gamma) methods, analytic hierarchical analysis (AHP), and based on the weighting of exploratory layers by the opinion of geoscientists, modeling of mineral potential for lead and zinc metals in the Khondab sheet. The geochemical layer related to Pb-Zn metals has been ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Determination of mineralization conditions based on fluid inclusions data in the Oshvand- Skarn deposit, W of Iran

Mehrdad Movahedi; Mohammad Yazdi; Mehrdad Behzadi

Volume 31, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 111-122


  The Oshvad skarn type deposit was formed during the intrusion of a felsic mass into the Permian and Triassic carbonate rocks and ion exchange occurred between the intrusion mass and these units. In order to determine the properties of the mineralizing fluid in this skarn, several fluid inclusions in ...  Read More