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Economic Geology
Mineralization, geochemistry and fluid inclusion studies of silicic veins in Sarikhanloo area, NW Meshgin Shahr, NW Iran

Hadi Mohammadian; vartan simmonds; kamal Siahcheshm

Volume 32, Issue 1 , March 2022, , Pages 119-136


  The Sarikhanloo area is located within the Qaradagh metallogenic zone in northwest Meshgin Shahr. Igneous rocks cropped out in this area include successions of Paleocene-Eocene pyroclastic rocks (tuff and andesitic-dacitic lavas with intercalations of ignimbrite) and basaltic andesite lava flows. Igneous ...  Read More

Economic Geology
The Exigency and How of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Classification

Reza ShakorShahabi; Ali Nouri Qarahasanlou; Seyed Reza Azimi; Adel Mottahedi

Volume 31, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 39-48


  Despite the undeniable contribution of small-scale and artisanal mines (ASMs) in the mining industry and small-scale enterprises (SMEs), no clear and comprehensive definition has been provided. Each country and governorate have defined this sector. However, ASMs are entirely different from large-scale ...  Read More

Remote Sensing
Petrography, Geochemistry and Tectonic setting of volcanic rocks in Chomalu polymetallic deposit (North-West of Zanjan)

Mahya Nazarian; Mohammad Lotfi; Arash Gourabjeripour; Majid Ghasemi Siani

Volume 31, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 61-72


  The Chomalu Polymetallic deposit is located in western part of Alborz magmatic belt (Alborz-Azarbaijan) and central part of Tarom-Hashtjin metallogenic province. Eocene volcanic settings in the Chomalu deposit consist of basic rocks (olivinebasalt), intermediate (andesite basalt, andesite to trachyandesite) ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Application of Singularity Index (SI), Fuzzy-Gamma and AHP methods for Pb-Zn Prospecting in the Khondab sheet, Malayer-Isfahan Metallogenic Zone, Iran

Mohammad Amin Jafari; Ahad Nazarpour; Ghodratollah Rostami Paydar

Volume 31, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 79-96


  In this research, using fuzzy logic (gamma) methods, analytic hierarchical analysis (AHP), and based on the weighting of exploratory layers by the opinion of geoscientists, modeling of mineral potential for lead and zinc metals in the Khondab sheet. The geochemical layer related to Pb-Zn metals has been ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Determination of mineralization conditions based on fluid inclusions data in the Oshvand- Skarn deposit, W of Iran

Mehrdad Movahedi; Mohammad Yazdi; Mehrdad Behzadi

Volume 31, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 111-122


  The Oshvad skarn type deposit was formed during the intrusion of a felsic mass into the Permian and Triassic carbonate rocks and ion exchange occurred between the intrusion mass and these units. In order to determine the properties of the mineralizing fluid in this skarn, several fluid inclusions in ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Rocognition of Vanadium Titanomagnetite Origin by SEM and EPMA in Ataieh ,Southwest of Mashhad

Behzad Hajalilou; M. Razmara; Nasim Hajalilou

Volume 31, Issue 2 , September 2021, , Pages 53-64


  The placer ore deposit of Ataeieh is located in south west of Mashhad and central Iranian microplate. The petrography and mineralography studies of VTM placer ore deposit, showed that the main ores in this area from high to low amounts are: magnetite, titanomagnetite, hematite and ilmenite. It revealed ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Ore facies, geochemistry and genesis of Kuhe Rig Fe-Sr-(Mn) deposit, South of Shahroud

Mona Mahdevari; Fardin mousivand; Mahmoud Sadeghian; Mehdi Movahednia

Volume 31, Issue 2 , September 2021, , Pages 79-90


  Kuhe Rig iron- strontium-(manganese) deposit is located in south of Shahrood, in the northern part of the central Iran zone. Mineralization occurred in the Eocene volcano-sedimentary sequence dominated by andesite basalt, basalt and crystal lithic tuffs. Geometry of main ore body is lense-shaped which ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralogy and geochemistry of major and trace elements in argillic alteration zone of the Kamar district, NW Iran

Robabe masoomi; Yoseph Rahimsouri; Hemayat Jamali; Ali Abedini

Volume 31, Issue 2 , September 2021, , Pages 123-136


  The action of alteration processes on the Eocene tuffs has led to the formation of a spread argillic alteration zone in the Kamar district (south of Ardebil, Tarom-Hashtjin Zone). The aim of this study is to determine the factors controlling argillic alteration, using mineralogical studies and chemical ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Type and origin of the north Chargar Cu-Au mineralization, southeast Zanjan: using petrological, mineralogical and geochemical data

Fatemeh Naderlou; Mir Ali asghar Mokhtari; Hossein Kouhestani; Ghasem Nabatian

Volume 31, Issue 2 , September 2021, , Pages 149-162


  North Chargar Cu-Au mineralization located within the Tarom-Hashtjin sub-zone. This area composed of andesite and quartz-andesite lavas alternated with tuffaceouce rocks. The volcanic rocks have calc-alkaline nature and were formed in an active continental margin. Mineralization present as ore-bearing ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Carbon-oxygen isotopic covariation of the Changarzeh Pb±Ag deposit (south Natanz): implication on fluid/rock interaction and CO2 degassing processes

Ebrahim Tale Fazel

Volume 31, Issue 2 , September 2021, , Pages 163-172


  Study of carbon-oxygen isotopic variations in the gangue carbonate minerals and related host rocks has an important role in identifying carbonate hosted lead and zinc deposits and its mechanism of sulfide ore formation. The yellow color dolostone unit attributed to the Shotori Formation with the Middle ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Petrography, mineralogy, litho-geochemistry and study of fluid inclusions in Gheshlaghe Mil gold-copper ore deposit, northwest of Saveh, Iran

maryam sadat lajouei kalaki; Afshin Akbarpour; Alexandre Tarantola; Shohreh Hassanpour; Behzad Mohammadi; Monireh Poshtkoohi

Volume 31, Issue 2 , September 2021, , Pages 199-212


  The Gheshlaghe mil deposit is located in the Urumieh-Dokhtar magmatic belt. Vein- type mineralization is concordance within the rhyodacitic and rhyolite meta-tuff with Eocene age. Alteration zones of sericite, silica, argillic and iron oxides are observed in the investigated area. Primary sulfide minerals ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Geochemistry and tectonomagmatic setting of volcanic rocks of Qoyjeh Yeylaq area (South of Qeydar), Zanjan Province

Hossein Bagherpour; Mir Ali Asghar Mokhtari; Hossein Kouhestani; Ghasem Nabatian

Volume 31, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 51-62


  Qoyjeh Yeylaq volcanic rocks is located approximately in the 120 km southwest of Zanjan, within the Central Iranian zone. The rock units in this area belong to the Cenozoic which consist of mainly Oligo-Miocene volcanic (Basaltic- andesitic lavas) and sedimentary rocks. Based on geochemical classification, ...  Read More

Economic Geology
To view on evolution of primary texture of Aliabad chromite (NE Forumad), petrogenesis and tectonic setting

Kolsoum Fani Chenar; Mansour Ghorbani; Reza Kohansal; Jamshid Lotfian

Volume 31, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 121-134


  Ali abad chromites mines (north east of Forumad) are as a part of chromites assemblage dependent on ophiolite Sabzevar that are located in NW Sabzevar city. Chromitites deposits in these mines have been located as irregular lenses and layered or banded along with pods of dunite in depleted harzburgite. ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralogy, geochemistry and geothermometry of chlorite in Malvak area(South of Malayer-Iran)

Seyevahid Shahrokhi

Volume 31, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 149-162


  The chemical composition of chlorite group minerals show that physicochemical condition of crystallization and their formation. The chemical analysis of chlorite from biotite alteration has done based on 30 points of 8 rock samples by electron microprobe. The composition of chlorite samples is located ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralization, fluid inclusion and sulfur isotope studies in The Gardane-Shir Pb-Zn deposit ,Ardestan,Isfahan Province

Fatemeh Sabahi; Mohammad Lotfi; Peyman Afzal; nima nezafati

Volume 31, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 177-186


  Gardaneshir carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposit on the ground of study area located southwest of Ardestan in Isfahan province. Base on lithostratigraphy,the main structure, besides the small outcrops of Jurassic shales, has been made up of carbonate and detrital rock materials depending on Paleozoic,Triassic ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Separating geochemical anomalies of lithium by the use of Concentration-Number fractal modeling on sedimentary rocks of the Jam and Sorkheh 1:100000 sheet, Semnan Province

Leila Jaberansari; habibollah Torshizian; Nader Kohansal Ghadimvand; Mohsen Pourkermani

Volume 30, Issue 118 , January 2021, , Pages 47-60


  The current study was conducted on sedimentary units of the 1:100000 sheet of Jam and Sorkheh in Semnan Province, northeast of Iran. Because of its special geochemical properties, lithium can be concentrated in sedimentary rocks with clay minerals. Samples were collected from stream sediments and lithogeochemical ...  Read More

Tectono-magmatic setting of the Albite-bearing metasomatite of the Ghoghart magnetite-apatite ore deposits, Northeast Bafq, Central Iran

kiamars hosseini; Majid Shahpasandzadeh

Volume 30, Issue 118 , January 2021, , Pages 81-94


  The Late Neoproterozoic-Early Cambrian albite-bearing metasomatite, rhyolites and rhyodacites predominantly constitute the host rocks of the Choghart magnetite-apatite deposit in Central Iran. The geologic evidences show three types of albites in the host albite-bearing metasomatite. The performed mineralogical ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Geochemistry of kaolin occurrence in the Abolhasani-Zereshkouh area, southeast of Damghan, NE Iran

masoumeh Norouzi; Ali Abedini; Ali Asghar Calagari; Fatemeh Kangarani Farahani

Volume 30, Issue 118 , January 2021, , Pages 123-134


  The kaolin occurrence in the Abolhasani-Zereshkouh area (south of Shahroud, northeast of Iran) is a product of alteration of Eocene andesitic rocks. With attention to mineralogical studies, kaolinite, quartz, chlorite, montmorillonite, illite, rutile, calcite, orthoclase, albite, vermiculite, palygorskite, ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralogy,,Geochemistry and mineralization origin of magnetite in Yapal, northwest of Divandareh, Kurdistan

afshin akbarpour; Masoud Moslehi

Volume 30, Issue 118 , January 2021, , Pages 191-202


  Yapal iron ore body is located in northwest of Sanandaj-Sirjan zone. A complex of Paleozoic metamorphed rocks including green schist, mica schist, chlorite schist with green schist facies degree, plus skarn and marble outcrop in this area.. Iron mineralization generally occurs as magnetite with the shapes ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Comparison of geometric average, union score and fuzzy operations methods for geochemical evidential mapping

Meysam Nikfarjam; Ardeshir Hezarkhani

Volume 30, Issue 117 , December 2020, , Pages 17-24


  In this research, we have used different integration methods for creating the geochemical evidential map that is one of the most important layers in mineral potential mapping. The Study area (Varzaghan 1:100,000 sheet) is located in East Azarbaijan province and Ahar-Arasbaran metallogenic zone. This ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Geology and mineralization of Zavarian Au-(Cu) deposit (Qom-Salafchegan)

Elnaz Zahmatkesh; Seyed Mehran Heidari

Volume 30, Issue 117 , December 2020, , Pages 39-50


  Zavarian gold occurrence formed within andesitic volcanic units in northwestern Iran. The volcanic complex is in fact a part of magmatism related to Urumieh-Dokhtar magmatic belt crosscutting northwestern rim of Central-Iran zone. This system is a part of the volcanic-sedimentary sequence of the Qom ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralization, REE geochemistry, and C-O stable isotopes of the Yeganli gold deposit, southern Zarshuran mine, Takab orefield

Zafari Zafar Abad; Ebrahim Tale Fazel; Mehrdad Barati; Abbas Oroji

Volume 30, Issue 117 , December 2020, , Pages 111-122


  The Yenganli gold deposit is one of the important indices of the Takab orefeild is located in the southern Zarshuran deposit and 42 km north of Takab Province. Based on structural subdivision of Iran, this deposit is situated between the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone and Uremia-Dokhtar magmatic arc and is related ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Mineralogy, alteration, fluid inclusion and stable isotopes studies of the Sharifabad -Bardeskan copper deposit, NE Iran

Susan Ebrahimi; Alireza Arabamiri; Hadi Ghanbari

Volume 30, Issue 117 , December 2020, , Pages 135-146


  The Sharifabad-Bardeskan copper mineralization is located in northeast of Bardeskan and south section of Sabzevar Zone. Mineralization occurs as vein in the pyroxene andesite, tuff, sandstone and conglomerate of Eocene age, which bearing local sericite - carbonate and silicic alterations and regional ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Dacitic rocks from the south of Julfa (eastern Azerbaijan): Amphibole and plagioclase thermobarometry and crystallization condition

Morteza Delavari; Amir Ali Tabakh Shabani; Samaneh Ghanbari

Volume 30, Issue 117 , December 2020, , Pages 217-230


  The Oligocene dacitic volcanic rocks display widespread exposures in south of Julfa (eastern Azerbaijan). They generally show porphyritic to hyalo-porphyritic textures with major minerals of plagioclase, amphibole, quartz and biotite. Electron probe micro analyzer (EPMA) data indicates oscillatory zoning ...  Read More

Economic Geology
Geochemistry of major and rare earth elements in garnets of the Aghbolagh iron-copper skarn, West-Azarbaidjan province

nasrin khajehmohammadlou; Ali Asghar Calagari; Kamal Siahcheshm; Ali Abedini

Volume 30, Issue 117 , December 2020, , Pages 265-274


  The Aghbolagh iron-copper skarn is located in ~21 km north of Oshnavieh, southwest of West-Azarbaidjan province. The intrusion of Cretaceous granitic body into the Cambrian Barut, Zagun, and Lalun Formations (carbonate, shale, and sandstone) was accompanied by development of calcic-type skarn, hornfels, ...  Read More