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Geological Environment and Engineering
1. Global warming in Tehran and presenting appropriate participatory policies for its mitigation

Shahrzad Faryadi; Ali Alavi Naeini

Volume 30, Issue 118 , Winter 2021, , Pages 145-152


  climate change is known as one of the most important environmental crises which has made many problems . Considering the undeniable impact of humans in the production of greenhouse gasses, in this paper the situation of the climate change of Tehran is predicted by modeling three different scenarios, ...  Read More

Geological Environment and Engineering
2. The effects of global warming on the amount of extremes rainfall to floods with different return periods (Case Study: Jajrood watershed)-

Ali Alavi Naeini; Bahram MalekMohammadi

Volume 29, Issue 115 , Spring 2020, , Pages 241-246


  . In this study , At first, meteorological data was reviewed between 1993 and 2018. Then, using LARS-WG software, climate change modeling was compared with the output data from climate change modeling in the period 2046-2065. Considering the changes in modeling in the LARS-WG software, the average daily ...  Read More

Geological Environment and Engineering
3. Assessment of heavy metal pollution in urban soil in Karaj (Iran)

Abbas Fallah; Soroush Modabberi; Alireza Sayyareh; amir ali Tabakh shabani

Volume 29, Issue 114 , Autumn 2019, , Pages 231-240


  For study the effects of traffic and urban pollution on heavy metals concentration, 40 soil samples were collected in green areas of Karaj city with different uses and 5 samples as geochemical background were collected from unpolluted areas and margins of the city. The samples after preparation were ...  Read More

Geological Environment and Engineering
4. assessment land susceptibility to gully erosion using ensemble data-mining Techniques (Case study: Shahroud Basin)

alireza arabameri; khalil rezaei; mojtaba yamani

Volume 28, Issue 111 , Spring 2019, , Pages 139-150


  at first, a gully erosion inventory map was prepared using extensive field surveys and interpretation of aerial photographs, of which 172 gully erosion, 70% (121 gully) are used for modeling and 30% (51 gully) are used for validation purposes. In the next step, for the selection of parameters, after ...  Read More

Geological Environment and Engineering
5. Assessing arsenic contamination affected by mining activities in Kerman province by using indicator Kriging method

E. Ghadiri Soufi; S. Soltani Mohammadi; M. Yousefi; A. Aalianvari

Volume 26, Issue 103 , Spring 2017, , Pages 219-226


  In mining areas, assessing toxic elements (e.g., arsenic) contamination in the soil and stream deposits is a critical issue. It is because mining activities release dangerous elements that enter the environment. In this paper, for modeling the spatial distribution of arsenic contamination in Sarduiyeh-Baft ...  Read More