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1 M.Sc., School of Earth Sciences, Damghan University, Damghan, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, School of Earth Sciences, Damghan University, Damghan, Iran


The Gurpi formation in Bishe-deraz Section, south of Ilam, consists of 201m marl with intercalations of limy marl with two formal members of Seymareh (Lopha) and Emam-Hasan. The formation overlies the Ilam Formation and is gradationally overlain by the purple shales of the basal part of the Pabdeh Formation. The Gurpi Formation was divided to 9 biozone on the basis of planktonic foraminifera which almost are cosmopolitan and consist of: 1- Radotruncana calcarata Taxon-Range Zone. 2- Globotruncanita stuartiformis Partial-Range Zone. 3- Globotruncana aegyptiaca Interval Zone.  4-Gansserina gansseri Interval Zone. 5- Contusotruncana contusa Interval Zone. 6- Abathomphalus mayaroensis Interval Zone. 7- Praemurica uncinata Interval Zone. 8- Morozovella angulata Interval Zone.  9- Globanomalina pseudomenardii Interval Zone. The formation was deposited from upper Campanian through late Paleocene (Selandian-Thanetian?) according to the planktonic foraminifera recorded. A distinct hiatus was confirmed at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary according to microbiostratigraphic and sedimentologic studies and also field work observation.


Main Subjects

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