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Assistant Professor, Department of Mining Engineering, Faculty of Mining, Civil and Chemistry, Birjand University of Technology, Birjand, Iran


The Bahlgerd shear zone in the northern margin of Bagheran Mountain is separated Eocene flysch from the Cretaceous ophiolite sequence and Quaternary sediments by southern Birjand and Bahlgerd faults. In the deformation evaluation , sigmoidal array arrays located in sandstone units have been used as strain markers. Based on the geometry of these arrays, the mathematical equations and R-θ' diagrams of the strain parameters were estimated. The mean values of shear strain (γ), volume change (∆) and convergence across the zone (K) are 0.45, -0.26 and 0.85, respectively. The plotting strain ellipses on the logarithmic Flinn diagram are in the field of flattening, which indicates the simultaneous simple shear and compaction in the region and show a volume reduction of up to 30%. Also, in the Bahlgerd shear zone, the value of θ'> 45 ° and cleavages are created in the direction perpendicular to the opening of the veins, which conforms to the characteristics of the compactional simple shear model. The horizontal strain parameters in the transpression model have similar values the compactional simple shear model. Based on the calculated convergence parameter (0.39), Behlgard shear zone is in the category of slightly convergence zones in which the amount of shortening


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