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1 Research institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran, Tehran, Iran.

2 Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran.


The Kahduiyeh tectonized Ophiolite exposed at the extreme northern part of Dehshir-Baft Ophiolite belt in the southern margin of centeral Iran microcontinent, comprise of mantle peridotites and crustal sequence. The serpentinized peridotites have cpx- bearing harzhburgite and lherzholite compositions which cross cut by diabase isolated dikes. The plutonic part of crustal sequence consist isotropic gabbro, diabase sheeted dike complex, intruded by wherlitic intrusion, quartz diorite, pegmatite gabbro and plagiogranite-tronjemite. The volcanic sequence consist of the intercalation of the chert and radiolarite, pelagic limestone have the Upper Cretaceous micro faunas at base of sequence and hyaloclasic braccia, hyaloclastite, sheet flow, tuff and  pillow lave on top of the sequence. Study of chemical analysis indicating a supra-subduction origin and enrichments for REE, Rb, Ba and Th might be affecting of slab-derived fluids. It seem that Kahduiyeh tectonized Ophiolite display a consistent sequence of events during their formation and evolution, includes birth, youth and maturity stages which is a natural consequence of ophiolite formation in the Supra-subduction zones.


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