Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Tehran University , Tehran, Iran


The Ab-Talkh Formation (Campanian- Maastrichtian) is one of the lithostratigraphic units of the Kopeh-Dagh sedimentary basin. So far no high resolution sequence stratigraphy has been done on this formation. In this study, we use the fossil evidences to analyse the formation in the sequence stratigraphy framework. For this purpose, after field studies 39 samples were collected and processed for palynology and palynofacies studies. Accordingly three palynofacies(V:Distal shelf , Ш:Proximal shelf , Π:Marginal shelf) determined. Based on changes in percentages of the three majour constituents of organic matter, the palynofacies and correlation of all data, three second-order sequences were differentiated. Abundance of warm water dinocysts, presence of fungal spores and the ratio of Peridinioids / Gonyaulacoids indicate dominance of warm climate during depositional course of the Ab-Talkh Formation.


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