Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Payam-e Noor University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.

2 Department of Geology, Payam-e-Noor University, Shiraz, Iran.


The detailed stratigraphical and lithological analysis of the Permian sequence in north Marand, NW of Iran at Harzand village has been studied . At this locating the Permian sequence consist of Dorud (82 m..)  Surmaq (258 m..) and Julfa (108 m.) formations respectively. The main lithology consist of white to red sandstone, grey to dark, biogenetic limestone , marly limestone and thin bedded limestone. The lower boundary is non conformity, so that the Permian sequence is underlying a thick extrusive igneous rocks   and at the top, a sequence of Miocene red  clastic deposit covers the Permian sequence with disconformably. In this study   52  foraminiferal species belonging to 37   genus and  8  species of  9 Algal genus were recognized and  4 assemblages biozones in Surmaq and Julfa formations have identified. Based on fossils assemblages , the age of the Surmaq formations is Kubergandian - Murgabian (Middle Permian) and the age of Julfa formation is Middian - Early Dzhufian Stages(Late middle –Early late Permian).


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