Document Type : Original Research Paper


Shahid Bahonar university of Kerman, Kerman, Iran


     The Abaregh area is located in 40 km northwest of Bam city in Kerman province. Rock units of the region consist of lava flows and dikes that crop out along a fault system trending NS. Mineralogically, the rocks contain plagioclase, augite, hypresthen, and minor olivine. Heterogenous mineralogy, field and textural evidences such as sieve texture in plagioclase, resorption rims in crystals, oscillatory zoning in plagioclase, high normative quartz and rounded enclaves suggest that the primary magma undergone magmatic evolution including fractionation, contamination, and magma mixing during ascending. The Y/Rb ratio and AFC (assimilation and fractionational crystalization) petrogenetic models confirm the occurrence of evolution in primary magma. Concentration of elements such as K, Pb, P, Zr, Sr, Ba, Rb shows that these rocks belong to the calcalkaline series. Similarity between the andesitic lava and dykes shows a considerable similarity with the calcakaline andesite from Turkey and from this point of view; these rocks belong to the post - collisional arcs. In this tectonic setting, magma ascent is controlled by strike - slip faulting and associated pull- apart extensional tectonics. This post - collisional magmatism may have been occurred due to the Arabian- Iranian collision events.


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