Document Type : Original Research Paper


Associate Professor, Department of Mining, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran


In order to study biostratigraphy of the Pabdeh Formation in the Northeast Kazerun, Murdak section was selected. In this section, Pabdeh Formation is mainly consists of marl, shale and marly limestone. The study of calcareous nannofossils led to the recognition of 70 species and 28 genera. According to the first and last occurrence of index species and assemblages fossil, the following biozones based on global standard zonations are identified: Discoaster multiradiatus Zone (NP9/CP8a/CNP11), Tribrachiatus contortus Zone (NP10/ CP8b-CP9a/ CNE1- CNE2), Discoaster binodosus Zone (NP11/ CP9b/ CNE3), Tribrachiatus orthostylus Zone (NP12/ CP10/ CNE4), Discoaster lodoensis Zone (NP13/ CP11/ CNE5), Discoaster sunlodoensis Zone (NP14/ CP12/ CNE6- CNE8), Nannotetrina fulgens zone (NP15/ CP13/ CNE9-CNE11), Discoaster tanii nodifer Zone (NP16/ CP14a/ CNE12-CNE15), Discoaster saipanensis Zone (NP17/ CP14b/ CNE15- CNE16), Chiasmolithus oamaruensis Zone (NP18/CP15a/CNE17-CNE18), Isthmolithus recurvus Zone (NP19/CP15b/CNE18-CNE19), Sphenolithus pseudoradians Zone (NP20/ CP15b/ CNE20), Ericsonia Subdisticha zone (NP21/CP16a-b/CNE21-CNO1), Helicosphaera reticulate Zone (NP22/ CP16c/ CNO2), Sphenolithus predistintus Zone (NP23/ CP17- CP18 / CNO3- CNO4). As a result of this study and based on the obtained biozones, the age of Pabdeh Formation in Murdak section, is Late Paleocene (Thanetian) to Oligocene (Rupelian-Chatian).


Main Subjects

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