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Geological and Geochemical Characteristics of the Syah Kamar Porphyry Molybdenum Deposit, West of Mianeh, NW Iran

F. Khaleghi; Gh. Hosseinzadeh; I. Rasa; M. Moayyed

Volume 22, Issue 88 , December 2013, , Pages 187-196


  The Syah kamar molybdenum deposit is a porphyry molybdenum system which has been explored during the recent research of author in the northwest of Iran and is being reported for the first time and its ore mineralization is explained and discussed in this paper on the basis of geological data, mineralization ...  Read More

Alteration Mapping at Saridoon Porphyry Copper Prospect Using Short Wave Infrared Spectrometry (PIMA), ASTER Satellite Image and XRD

Ahmad Kazemi Mehrnia; I. Rasa; S. Alirezaei; H. Asadi Harooni; J. Karami

Volume 20, Issue 79 , January 2011, , Pages 3-12


  The Saridoon porphyry system is located 3 km northeast of Sarcheshmeh copper mine. Alteration mapping of the area was carried out using PIMA (Portable Infrared Mineral Analyzer) analysis of 145 samples, ASTER satellite images, XRD analysis of 22 samples, field observations and petrographic studies. The ...  Read More

Thermometry and Formation Model of Carbonate-Hosted Zn-Pb Sulfide Deposits in the Ravar-Bafgh Area Based on Sulfur Stable Isotopes

A. Amiri; I. Rassa; A. Khakzad; M. H. Adabi

Volume 18, Issue 72 , January 2009, , Pages 3-8


  Stabilization of potentially sliding terraces and natural slopes are of great importance from view point of resident security, environment protection, river engineering and water and soil conversation. Soil reinforcement using tree toots is one of the methods being studied by many researchers. Most of ...  Read More

Geochemical and Genetic Study of Alibaltalo Kaolinite -Bauxite Deposit, Shahindezh

N. KhajehMohammadlo; E. Rasa; A. Emamalipur

Volume 18, Issue 72 , January 2009, , Pages 55-62


   Alibaltalo bauxite deposit is situated in east Shahindezh, south west of west- Azarbaijan. This ore horizon lies along the boundary between Jurassic sandstone and Triassic dolomtite. In this study for understanding the chemical process involved in the formation of the bauxite deposite and in order ...  Read More

Petrography and Alteration of Chehelkureh Copper Deposit: Mass Balance of Elements and Behavior of REE

M. Maanijou; I. Rasa; D. Lentz

Volume 17, Issue 67 , February 2008, , Pages 86-101


       Chehelkureh copper deposit is located in Kuh-e-Lunka area, 120 km NW of Zahedan (SE of Iran). The host rocks of mineralization are intercalated Eocene turbiditic greywackes, siltstones, and shales (flysch). They are folded with N-S trend and the eastern limb of this fold has ...  Read More

Local and Marginal Mineralogy of Alteration Haloes around Mineralized Veins of Masjeddaghi Area, Jolfa

A. Akbarpour; A. Rasa; M. Mehrpartou

Volume 16, Issue 63 , March 2007, , Pages 140-153


  The Masjeddaghi area is a part of Alborz-Azarbaijan Zone and located in the Jolfa 1:100000 geological map sheet. The oldest rock units cropped out widely in the south and northeast of the area belong to the Eocene flysch-type sediments. The other outcrops consist mainly of volcanic rock complex of andesites ...  Read More