Procedures for receiving, reviewing and publishing papers in Geosciences Journal

The necessary documents and standard papers based on writing regulation, should be uploaded by the authors at Submitting confirmation letter from all authors as well as paper’s innovation form is required. In addition, the amount of 1,000,0000 Rials (USD 3.5) is received for submitting paper and original payment receipt should also be submitted. 

Regarding that there is no possibility to change the order and characteristics of the authors, to remove or add authors' name after registering papers, please carefully insert authors' characteristics, affiliation, the order of the authors in accordance to the writing regulations as well as regulations of relevant university on the website. All correspondences and pursuing papers are only possible via email and will be made by corresponding author.

Following approval of the editor in chief and council of Geosciences Journal, the papers follow the steps below:

-         Rejection of paper due to not being among acceptance priority (The paper may even be returned to the author due to non-observance of the terms and conditions of journal and refuse to receive it).

-         Proposing to submit and review by another journal

-        Submitting two or three reviewers

Average First Action is 1 Days and Average First Reviewer Assignment is 6 Days in 2021.

Peer Review Process of Manuscript in this journal is Double-blind peer-reviewed.

Reviewers receive and review papers through website and this is the longest step in reviewing paper. It takes between 4 and 8 months from the receipt to the acceptance of the paper that includes preliminary reviewing and repeated reviewing. In the preliminary review, the paper will be sent to 2 or 3 reviewers. Then the comments are summarized and sent to the author. In repeated review, the paper is sent to the one reviewers from the previous stage which had the most objection to the paper. Therefore, the paper correction will continue until the final confirmation of the reviewer selected from the first phase. In the review stage, following possibilities are expected:

-         Both reviewers are negative (Paper rejection)

-         Both reviewers are positive (Paper acceptance)

-         Reviewers have different opinions and paper will be sent to the third reviewer for conclusion.

-         Sending comments of reviewers with basic corrections

-         Sending comments of reviewers with minor corrections

-         None of the reviewers accept to review that in this case paper will be sent for at least 4 reviewers (non-acceptance of the paper because none of the reviewers agreed to review).

-         Submitting the revised highlighted file accompanying with the answers to the reviewers’ questions as a paragraph to the paragraph is very important and necessary.

-         After confirming the acceptance by the editor in chief and sending the acceptance file through the website, paper will be registered in the list of publishing according to the acceptance date. The waiting time for publishing papers will be approximately 9 months.

-         When accepted, the authors should send the original receipt for payment of 2,000,0000 Rials (USD 10) to the journal office and then. paper file and its images will be uploaded to the website.

  •         Paper file will be arranged according to the standard template after editing and will be uploaded to the website after confirmation of its pre-publishing by the corresponding author.