Scientific-research publications, which reflect the development and production of science in a country, provide an appropriate environment for scientists and researchers to present and publish the results of their scientific research in this way. In this respect, the Geosciences Scientific-Research Journal, which has always been dedicated to the publication of modern, new, original and productive researches in the field of geosciences, explicitly addresses its goals in this regard:

  • Authenticity and innovation of papers
  • Identifying and introducing different geoscience fields making use of case studies
  • Improving theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Earth sciences
  • Connecting Iranian and international researchers
  • Creating a suitable platform for the exchange of ideas as well as results of the scientific researches among students, university professors and researchers
  • More and more declaring and indexing Geosciences Journal among reputable scientific publications in international and global databases



During the past 30 years of its activity, Geosciences Journal tried that its regular publication to be accompanied with improving published papers based on scientific concepts, innovation, originality and ethical approach. It is expected that Geosciences Journal to become a bilingual international magazine with high scientific reputation during next ten years (until 2025), which is indexed in DOAJ, SCOPUS and ISI sites with acceptable impact factor. In addition to the active presence of the journal in scientific bases, it will increase the influence of our country's scientific productions among the global audiences. Creating an international editorial board, publishing papers from non-Iranian experts and active presence among scientific-research communities are some indications from the future position of the magazine.