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The Role of Basement and Young Magmatism in Epithermal Gold and Polymetallic Mineralization in Takab-Mahneshan area, NW Iran

mojgan Salehi Yazdi; Mansour Ghorbani; nima nezafati; mansor vosoghi abedini

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 03 January 2022


  Takab-Mahneshan's metallogenic area is essential in gold mineralization, and it is a part of the northern Urmia-Dokhtar magmatic belt. The northern Urmia-Dokhtar has two distinctive features. It contains the Precambrian basement, and the young Mio-Pliocene magmatism rocks overlie its Precambrian basement. ...  Read More

New discovery on Ediacaran fossils from the Kushk Series in Bafq and Behabad regions, Central Iran

Seyed Hamid Vaziri; Mahmoud Reza Majidifard; Marc Laflamme

Volume 28, Issue 112 , August 2019, , Pages 261-268


  The Precambrian Kushk Series in the Bafq and Behabad regions of Central Iran contains a diverse assemblage of latest Ediacaran fossils that showcase a fossil assemblage much more diverse than typically known from the latest Ediacaran systems worldwide. The Kushk Series reaches a thickness of >500 ...  Read More

The Zayanderud metamorphic complex, North of Shahrekord: two entirely different interpretations of a basement complex in the Najafabad and Chadegan maps

R. Jamali Ashtiani; J. Hassanzadeh; M. Rahgoshay

Volume 26, Issue 104 , September 2017, , Pages 95-102


  Two different ages of Precambrian and Jurassic are considered for the Zayanderud metamorphic complex in the Najafabad and Chadegan geology maps, respectively. This disagreement has made these two maps to be the most incompatible adjacent maps. The metamorphic complex is nonconformably covered by fossiliferous ...  Read More

Precambrien Crustal Basement Rocks in Iran New Evidence from the Takht-e-Soleyman Metamorphic Complex from NE Takab

R. Hajialioghli; M. Moazzen

Volume 22, Issue 88 , December 2013, , Pages 197-204


  The Prototethys ocean is formed between tow giant continents of Gondwana in the north and Eurasia in the south. Iranian terrain as neigburhood countries in the Oman, Pakestan, SE Turkey has been belonged to the giant Gondwana during Precambrian and Paleozoic. Precambrian terrains in Iran show limited ...  Read More