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Crustal velocity structure and Moho discontinuity depth beneath center of Iran

Afsaneh Nasrabadi; Fateme Azimi; MohammadReza Sepahvand

Volume 28, Issue 111 , May 2019, , Pages 43-52


  Crustal velocity structure and Moho discontinuity depth have investigated beneath 7 the broadband seismic stations, AFRZ, TKDS, TPRV, TNSJ, ANAR, KRSH of the Iranian Seismological Center (ISC) and YZKH of Iranian National Seismic Network (INSN) located in the center of Iran by joint inversion of receiver ...  Read More

Crustal Structure of Iran from Joint Inversion of Receiver Function and Phase Velocity Dispersion of Rayleigh Waves

Mohammad Tatar; M. Tatar; A. Kaviani

Volume 21, Issue 82 , December 2011, , Pages 83-94


  Crustal structure of the Iranian plateau which is located between two convergent Arabian and Eurasian plates is studied.  Teleseismic earthquakes recorded by broad band stations of Iranian National Seismic Network (INSN) are used to compute the receiver functions for each station. Rayleigh wave ...  Read More

An Investigation on the Possibility of Two-Dimensional Joint Inversion of TE and TM Modes Data in Magnetotelluric (MT) Survey using Artificial Neural Network

A. Moradzadeh; F. Tahmasbi; M. Fateh

Volume 16, Issue 64 , March 2007, , Pages 88-101


         The magnetotelluric (MT) method is a natural source electromagnetic geophysical technique, which is used mainly in petroleum, mineral and geothermal exploration. As in this method, the quantity of the measured data is bulky and have a complex structure, their modeling, ...  Read More