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1 Ms.c., Research Institiute Earth Science,Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran, Tehran, Iran

3 Associate Professor, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France

4 Associate Professor, Payame Noor University, Iran

5 Ms.c.,Geological Survey of Iran, Tehran, Iran

6 Ph.D., Geological Survey of Iran, Tehran, Iran


The Gheshlaghe mil deposit is located in the Urumieh-Dokhtar magmatic belt. Vein- type mineralization is concordance within the rhyodacitic and rhyolite meta-tuff with Eocene age. Alteration zones of sericite, silica, argillic and iron oxides are observed in the investigated area. Primary sulfide minerals of pyrite, fine-grained chalcopyrite and Oxidized specularite and Secondary minerals goethite, limonite, malachite and quartz in Microscopic and field studies have been identified. Based on X-ray diffraction analysis studies minerals such as chlorite, illite, kaolinite, hematite, quartz, mica group and calcite have been observed in the bearing gold veins. According litho-geochemical studies, the gold element has a positive correlation with iron, molybdenum, nickel and lead. A number of 157 fluid inclusion studies in the Gheshlaghe Mil ore mineralization area has been showed mineralization temperature of 99 to 299 °C, rate of salinity ore deposit 1.81 and 12.30 equivalent to the Nacl weight percent. Using Raman laser studies (13 points), the presence of gaseous phases (CO2, N2, H2O) in the fluid inclusions have been demonstrated. Regarding to studies have been done in this area, the Gheshlaghe Mil ore mineralization can to know to a vein type- hydrothermal bearing gold-copper ore deposit.


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