Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, Department of Geology, Payam Noor University, Tabriz, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Department of Geology, Ferdowsi Mashhad University, Mashhad, Iran

3 M.Sc., Department of Geology, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


The placer ore deposit of Ataeieh is located in south west of Mashhad and central Iranian microplate. The petrography and mineralography studies of VTM placer ore deposit, showed that the main ores in this area from high to low amounts are: magnetite, titanomagnetite, hematite and ilmenite. It revealed that the ultramafic and gabbros are the main source for opak minerals by mineralography Studies. The SEM-EDS, EPMA and XRM studies on the placer ore deposit and their origion presentaded remarkable results. The SEM investigation showed that, in the magma crystallization the solid soulution is formed between titanomagnetite and ilmenite at 800°C and then with the decreasing of temperature up to 600°C the ilmenite and magnetite exsolution lamella segreqates and separated from titanomagnetite phase either the ophiolite sequence is the source of this deposit. Titaniumand Vanadium enter to the ilmenite and titanomagnetite in gabbroic rocks whit continuing of magma crystallization. The EPMA analysis on gabbroic units showed that these rocks are origion for Ti and V in placers.


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