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Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Payame Noor University (PNU), Tehran, Iran


In this research the biostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy of the Talou section (northwest Damghan) have been studied based on brachiopods of Lower Carboniferous in Mobarak Formation. The 580 me thick Mobarak Formation in Talou section consists of dark gray limestone with intercalation of organic rich black shale. This formation in the studied area is conformably overlie on Jeirud Formation. Vermiculate limestone of Elika Formation overlies the Mobarak Formation with an erosional surface. In the studied interval 25 genera and 30 species of brachiopods were identified. 4 assemblage zones have been identified in the early Carboniferous.
Biozone 1 (Early Tournaisian): this zone is characterized by the following indicator species community. Spinocarinifera nigra, Rugosochonetes cf. hardrensis (Phillips,1841), Rossirhynchus adamantinus, Shumardella sp., Cleiothyridina transversa., Rossirhynchusadamantinus, Shumardella sp.; Biozone 2 (Middle Tournaisian): Spirifermissouriensis, Spirifer attenuatus (Sowerby,1839), Spirifer cf. trigonalis (Martin, 1809), Athyrishibernica Syringothyriscospidata; Biozone 3 (Late Tournaisian): Tomiproductus elegantulus, Marginatia aff. burlingtonensis (Hall,1893), Leptagonia cf. regularis, Fusellatornacensis, Marginatiaburlingtonensis; Biozone of 4 (Early- Middle Visean): Buxtonia cf. praejuresanensis, Marginatia cf. kinghirica, Cleiothyridina cf. okensis (Grunt,1980). therefore, the age of Mobarak Formation in the Talou section, is Tournaisian to Middle Visean. The sedimentary environment of Brachiopods of the Mobarak Formation are lagoon, bar or reef and fore-reef.


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