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1 M. Sc., Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran, Tehran, Iran

2 Associated Professor, Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran, Tehran, Iran

3 Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Islamic Azad University, Miyane Branch, Miyane, Iran

4 Assistant Professor, Department of Geochemistry, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran


The Chomalu Polymetallic deposit is located in western part of Alborz magmatic belt (Alborz-Azarbaijan) and central part of Tarom-Hashtjin metallogenic province. Eocene volcanic settings in the Chomalu deposit consist of basic rocks (olivinebasalt), intermediate (andesite basalt, andesite to trachyandesite) and acidic rocks (dacite to rhyolite) which is intruded by quartz monzodiorite, monzosyenite and quartz monzonite intrusive rocks of Eocene. The main texture of volcanic rocks is more porphyritic. Olivine and plagioclase are the main phenocrysts in the olivinebasalt, andesite rocks compose of plagioclase and clinopyroxene and dacite to rhyolite consist of plagioclase, alkali feldspar and quartz. On the basis of AFM diagram, Chomalu volcanic rocks located in the high- K calc- alkaline to shoshonitic affinities in relation to subduction zone magmatism. Primitive mantle-normalized of volcanic rocks indicate that LILE enrichment and HFSE depletion in consistent with subduction zone magmatism. Chondrite-normalized REE patterns show LREE/HREE enrichment. Geochemical results suggesting primary source magmas source for volcanic rocks were generated by partial melting of the metasomatized lithospheric mantle-wedge in relation to subduction arc and were subsequently affected by both fractional crystallization and crustal contamination during magmatic evolution.


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