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1 Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Science, Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University of Tehran North, Tehran, Iran

3 Ph.D., National Iranian Oil Company, Tehran, Iran


This study has focused on the result of seismic data. The first stage of basin formation is the opening of Neo- Tethys Sea which is Simultaneous with Dashtak, Kangan and Khaneh kat Formation and after that on the early to middle Triassic sediments an unconformity that can be named as an expansion of sedimentary basin in the upper Triassic happened. This stage of basin opening caused the formation of big faults and probably basement faults in the area that studying on this faults and their movements is the main goal of this study. The next stage of evolution of basin starts when the basin began to closure and still there is disagreement about the exact time; but the obvious thing is the four compressional events: first, from Cenomanian- Turonian up to Masstrichtian; second, Late Paleocene- Early Eocene; third, Late Oligocene-Miocene and the forth, Miocene up to Quaternary. All events caused to obduction of Ophiolite and sedimentation of Gurpi with partly erosion and Pabdeh with regional erosion, then disappearing formations such as Asmari and Gachsaran and at the end, the late Zagros orogenic phase which is the compression that is continues to this day.


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