Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 .Assistant Professor, Research Institute For Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran,

2 Urasia Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Istanbul University

3 Geological Survey of Iran

4 Research Institute for Earth Sciences



Heavy rain falls in dray seasons with extreme water flow is one of the important factors in very intense damage urban areas and agricultural lands of the of arid and semi-arid plateaus and highlands. In semi-arid area such as southern flank of Alborz Mountain, neglecting the effect of geomorphologic features, (e.g. river truck channel depth, slope, sinuosity, river flood plain width and slope), illegal construction on the river legal boundary, as well as the effect of present-day climate change (change in annual rainfall precipitation and patterns, especially in El Niño conditions), cause environmental hazards such as extreme floods in urban areas. Imamzadeh Davood village is a religious-tourist place in the central the Alborz In this research, we investigated the 28th July, 2022 Imamzadeh Davood flood controlling factors and its effect on low-stream village (Imamzadeh Davood) and provided scientific solutions to decrees and prevent the destructive effect of future potential floods. The unusual extreme flood occurred after heavy and sudden rain in July (usually the area receives almost 0 cm of precipitation), causing a large volume of high-density mud flow with highly destructive power in the upper catchment.


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