Document Type : Original Research Paper


Ph.D. Student, Department of Geology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran


In order to provide a strategic plan for any sector, the internal factors, the required timeframe and the related visions and policies should be studied. Strategy development requires a realistic view of the surrounding environment, in which the competition and challenges rule the future of any organization. The outside world continuously, provides opportunities and imposes threats for the companies and organizations. For the organizations to be successful, they should optimize the existing opportunities and advert the threats to opportunities. This paper focuses on the opportunities and threats within the mining sector. Having analyzed and interpreted the existing conditions, the opportunities, threats and in general, the weaknesses of the mine sector are recognized and the strategic planning for achieving the targets and visions will be prepared.


سازمان مدیریت و برنامه‌ریزی کشور، 1382- سند چشم‌انداز جمهوری اسلامی ایران در افق 1404 ه.ش. و سیاست‌های کلی برنامه چهارم توسعه، ابلاغیه مقام معظم رهبری.
نوتاش، م.، 1383- تدوین استراتژی توسعه صنعت آلومینیوم کشور، همایش ملی صنعت آلومینیوم، دانشگاه علم و صنعت، ص.  15- 1.