Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Mining Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran


One of the most basic problems in the exploration and extraction of the ornamental stone quarries is the recognition and modeling of the discontinuties. Generally, in the most of the ornamental stone quarries, analysis of the discontinuties is not considered. This study is concerning to the discontinuities analysis in the saeedi ornamental stones quarries (NE Kerman). The Saeedi ornamental stones quarries are located in the Cretaceous limestone. Geological study shows a development of disconitinuties due to effect of two fault systems. Normal faults have dominated features and cause an intensive fracturing in the Saeedi ornamental stones quarries. In order to modeling of disconitinuties, characteristics of discontinuities(e.g. orientation , spacing, persistence,…) were identified in two scan lines, and with use of 3DEC software, block diagram of disconitinuties was prepared for each of face. Block diagrams were contoured for two stages. 1) without effect of face, 2) with effect of face. Comparison of two block diagrams showd an intensive fracturing in rocks due to incorrected position of   face. It is concluded that most of face have an incorrected position and must be recontoured and by displacement and change in dimension of face, crushing of rocks will reduce and some of face could returned to extraction cycle.


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