Document Type : Original Research Paper


Faculty of Earth sciences, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


The sandstones of Padeha Formation with 390m thickness in section of Samirkooh in Kerman, Zarand have been studied to illuminate their provenance, tectonic provenance, diagenesis by omitting the effect of diagenetic process on sandstone composition. In this direction,  petrography of 91 thin sections, modal analysis of 30 appropriate samples, and use of SEM and EDX analyses of 6 sandstone samples were accomplished .We can point to diagenetic processes including mechanical compaction, coating hematite around the detrial grains (eogenetic stage) and growing up authigenic cholorite and illite, chemical compaction, quartz cementation, dolomite cementation, dedolomitization, albitization of feldspar and corrosion of grains by dolomite cement (mesogenetic stage) and fracturing as well as filling them by calcite, quartz and anhydrite cement (telogenetic stage). We studied tectonic provenance of these sandstones using Qt92 F7 L1, Qm77 F 7 Lt 16, Qp92Lvm4Lsm4, after recognition of diagenetic process and omitting their effect on the results of modal analysis. These results show quartzolithic facies with cratonic, recycled orogen and rifted continental margin tectonic provenance.  Using diamond diagram drawn based on particulars quartz grains and also petrographic evidences in these sandstone, we can say that these sandstone derived from multi provenance. The log Qt/F+RF vs. Qt/F+RF climate diagram and QRRF triangle indicate humid climate during deposition of the Padeha Formation.


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