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1 Islamic Azad University, North-Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran.

2 Exploration Directorate of N.I.O.C., Tehran, Iran


The Paleozoic sediments are noteworthy for many of petroleum geologists to research within Arabian Plate during last decades. Significant values of oil and gas was generated from the Silurian source rock in this area. This source rock has been modeled by commercial software's (PetroMod and Genex) in Saudi Arabia and its maturity proportion determined in various locations. Maturity proportion of this source rock was not characterized truly in Persian Gulf and Zagros foreland basin. Here used geological well data of three drilled wells that one's was penetrated to the Silurian shale (Sarchahan Formation) in Persian Gulf to model and used PetroMod-1D software. These well modeling results and the Saudi Arabia results show that the rate of maturity trend for Silurian shale has increased from Saudi Arabia to Iran, so that the shale is in the recognized gas window in Persian Gulf and over-mature in some part of ZagrosBasin. In Arabian Plate basemental lowlands and highlands exist at the Pre-Cambrian time, therefore cause the maturity of this shale in older highlands than the lowlands area.


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