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1 epartment of Geology, Faculty of basic sciences, University of Systan & Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran

2 Department of Geology, Faculty of basic sciences, University of Systan & Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran.

3 Department of Geology, Faculty of basic sciences, University of Systan & Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran

4 Micro Analysis office, New Brunswick university, Fredericton, Canada.


Sungun Porphyry Copper Deposit is located about 130 km to the northeast of Tabriz, northeast Iran. This deposit contains 796 million tons of ore with 0.61% Cu, 0.01% Mo, 0.016 ppm Au, 9.75 ppm Bi and Re (0.09 wt% of molybdenite). This research studies the physico-chemical environment using the chemical properties of minerals of this deposit. This deposit is related to granodiorite-diorite dikes and granodiorite stock that intruded into sedimentary and volcanic rocks of Cretaceous and Eocene. Dominant alterations are potassic, phyllic, argillic and propylitic from center outward which are characteristics of continental margin porphyry copper deposits. Simultaneously with the supergene mineralization, an iron cap of iron oxides, iron hydroxides, copper oxides, sulfates, carbonates and copper phosphates were developed on top of the deposit and along the fractures. In conclusion, based on mineral chemistry, in 450 ºC and 0.5 kb pressure (PT condition of potassic zone), sulfur fugacity and pH is determined to be as: log¦S2=-18 to -24 an pH=2.5 to 7.5. In 350 ºC and 0.5 kb pressure (PT condition of phyllic zone), oxygen and sulfur fugacities are: logƒO2= -20 to -33 and log¦S2=-6 to -15.


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