Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran.

2 Exploration and Production Office, National Iranian Oil Company, Tehran, Iran.


Carbonate – evaporates intervals of Dashtak formation is an important cap rocks in Zagros basin. Sequence stratigraphic analysis of Dashtak Formation in two wells (Aghar#1; West Aghar#1) was investigated in sequence stratigraphic framework. Data obtained from petrographic examinations of thin sections prepared from cuttings, in addition, a full suite of gamma ray and sonic logs were interpreted. Dashtak Formation comprises eight facies belts that are: (i) detrital clastics, (ii) supratidal, (iii) tidal flat, (iv) lagoon, (v) shoal, (vi) restricted marine, (vii) open marine, (viii) mid ramp. Dashtak Formation consists of four sequences with four transgressive, regressive and maximum flooding surfaces. Two sequence boundaries type I and three sequence boundaries type II were recognized in the Dashtak Formation. As far the depositional environment of the formation is interpreted as a homocline ramp with mild lateral changes in depositional environment, hence negligible lateral changes of stratigraphic sequences are expected in the study area.


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