Document Type : Original Research Paper


Geology Department, Faculty of Science, PNU (Payame Noor University), Abhar, Iran


Chloritoid as one of the common metamorphic mineral in low to medium grade metapelites, is absent in metapelitic rocks of Hamedan area. Comparing with geochemical limitations for Chloritoid appearance in metapelites, whole rock composition of the area is suitable for Chloritoid formation. Since P, T and X are in appropriate range for Chloritoid, the role of fluid could be important. Microscopic investigations show that all metapelitic rocks are in equilibrium with graphite and fluid composition is combination of CO2 and H2O. Based on estimated P and T, highest portion of H2O in the fluid, could be 0.9. Although this is highest approximation, it can conclude that for Chloritoid appearance, XH2O in fluid must be more than 0.9. Since in the Hamedan area staurolite is widespread and Chloritoid is absent - considering almost same composition between chloritoid and staurolite - the composition of fluid is more important. There are many doubts in geochemical limitations for Chloritoid appearance. Considering the results of this study and in the case of attention to fluid composition, geochemical limitations will change and Chloritoid could appear in many rocks, as its higher temperature equivalent, staurolite.    



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